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Enable Simpler APIs using Pageable and Sort


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      I'd like to open a discussion about simplifying the use of Pageable API's using the Pageable (and PageableHandlerMethodArgumentResolver).

      Currently the PageableHandlerMethodArgumentResolver will only provide a Pageable#isPaged Object when either the page or pageSize Parameter are set. But if a sort Parameter was specified without the use of those Parameter, you will end up with a Pageable.unpaged() ommitting the sort.

      I know you can also inject a Sort into the Controller, which works fine. But then you'd need to decide whether you use the Pageable or Sort to pass on (see below).

      So I would propose something like the following:

      1. Support Sort in Unpaged, like isPaged and isSorted
      2. Support the parsing of Sort in PageableHandlerMethodArgumentResolver when there is no page info (page, size) but a sort
      3. Change all usages of Pageable#isPaged to account for Pageable#isSorted, like here https://github.com/spring-projects/spring-data-jpa/blob/476baa480912f5e239905da0172fae1faba1d902/src/main/java/org/springframework/data/jpa/repository/support/SimpleJpaRepository.java#L352


      If this could be implemented, we could write a simple Controller and account for all possible combinations of page, size and sort missing or provided. This would be the usage example:

      public ResponseEntity<?> people(Pageable pageRequest) {
          return ResponseEntity.ok(

      This is the current example you'd have to use.

      public ResponseEntity<?> people(Pageable pageRequest, Sort sort) {
          Page<Person> people;
              people = personRepository.findAll(pageRequest);
              people = personRepository.findAll(sort);
          return ResponseEntity.ok(people);





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