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Projections with native queries don't work as expected



      The documentation doesn't mention anything about native queries in relation to the projection functionality so I don't know if it's even a supported use case. It does seem to work to some extent but there are issues.

      I have put together a demonstration project: https://github.com/roberthunt/spring-data-native-query-projection

      There is a test for each of these methods:

          List<PersonSummary> findAllProjectedBy();
          @Query(value = "SELECT name AS name, age AS age FROM Person")
          List<PersonSummary> findAllProjectedJpaQuery();
          @Query(value = "SELECT name AS name, age AS age FROM Person", nativeQuery = true)
          List<PersonSummary> findAllProjectedNativeQuery();
          PersonSummary findProjectedById(long id);
          @Query(value = "SELECT name AS name, age AS age FROM Person WHERE id = ?1")
          PersonSummary findProjectedByIdJpaQuery(long id);
          @Query(value = "SELECT name AS name, age AS age FROM Person WHERE id = ?1", nativeQuery = true)
          PersonSummary findProjectedByIdNativeQuery(long id);

      In the case of the native query which returns a list, it seems to work but the properties are in the wrong order - the name property contains the age value and the age property contains the name value. I think re-ordering the properties in the projection or query might resolve this but it seems rather fragile.

      In the case of the native query which returns a single projection a org.springframework.core.convert.ConversionFailedException exception is thrown.

      I know that a native query isn't necessary in this case but it's a demonstration of an issue I encountered whilst trying it on another project.



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