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1.11 RC1 (Ingalls)

  • 1.11 RC1 (Ingalls)


Version 1.11 RC1 (Ingalls)


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MajorBugDATAJPA-790org.hibernate.QueryException when applying @EntityGraph on (Querydsl) findAll(Predicate, Pageable) methodOliver GierkeClosed
MajorBugDATAJPA-914findAll with Iterable parameter gives JpaSystemException when using Hibernate 5.2Oliver GierkeClosed
MajorNew FeatureDATAJPA-920Add support for exists projection in repository query derivationOliver GierkeClosed
MajorBugDATAJPA-938Complex select clauses in manually declared query using constructor expressions failOliver GierkeClosed
MajorBugDATAJPA-956Error creating DefaultJpaContext bean with a non-EntityManagerFactory JndiObjectFactoryBean defined via JavaConfigOliver GierkeClosed
MajorBugDATAJPA-960Order by clause not created correctly if a manually defined query is not using an aliasOliver GierkeClosed
MajorBugDATAJPA-965Mapping Sort instances to ORDER BY expressions should be restricted to fields for manually defined queriesChristoph StroblClosed
MajorBugDATAJPA-970Ensure JDK 6 compatibility of regular expression used in QueryUtilsOliver GierkeClosed
MajorBugDATAJPA-984JPA projection query returning single non-standard JPA type results in "No aliases found in result tuple" errorOliver GierkeClosed
MajorBugDATAJPA-1000Pageable With Fetch not returning the right alias NameOliver GierkeClosed
MajorTaskDATAJPA-1019Make sure build runs on Hibernate 5Oliver GierkeClosed
MajorTaskDATAJPA-1026Adapt API in RepositoryFactoryBeanSupport implementationOliver GierkeClosed
MajorBugDATAJPA-1029JpaQueryCreator should deduplicate multi-select selectionsOliver GierkeClosed
MinorImprovementDATAJPA-911Assert compatibility with Hibernate 5.2Oliver GierkeClosed
MinorTaskDATAJPA-939Release 1.11 RC1 (Ingalls)Oliver GierkeClosed
MinorImprovementDATAJPA-941JpaClassUtils.isOfType performance improvementOliver GierkeClosed
MinorTaskDATAJPA-950Upgrade Hibernate 5 build profile to 5.2.2Oliver GierkeClosed
MinorBugDATAJPA-951Projections not handled correctly when Optional is used as wrapping return typeOliver GierkeClosed
MinorTaskDATAJPA-962Update Travis configuration with build profiles for Spring 5Oliver GierkeClosed
MinorBugDATAJPA-974Projections referring to collection attributes don't create a proper selection (missing joins)Oliver GierkeClosed
MinorTaskDATAJPA-978Upgrade Hibernate 5.2 build profile to 5.2.4Oliver GierkeClosed
MinorImprovementDATAJPA-993Improve infrastructure setup example in reference documentationOliver GierkeClosed
MinorImprovementDATAJPA-1014Register repository factory in spring.factories for multi-store supportOliver GierkeClosed
MinorTaskDATAJPA-1017Make sure tests work on Spring 5Oliver GierkeClosed
MinorImprovementDATAJPA-1018Upgrade Hibernate build profile to latest releasesOliver GierkeClosed
MinorTaskDATAJPA-1021Make sure builds against Spring 5 skip tests for OpenJPAOliver GierkeClosed
MinorBugDATAJPA-1023Reject stream executions if not executed within transaction Oliver GierkeClosed
MinorTaskDATAJPA-1027Upgrade to a newer JDK version on TravisCIMark PaluchClosed
TrivialImprovementDATAJPA-953Fix typo in reference documentationOliver GierkeClosed
TrivialTaskDATAJPA-992Fix package name in JavaDoc of AuditingEntityListenerOliver GierkeClosed
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