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Updating an object does not write type information for objects to be updated


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      I'm using quite complex domain model, that consist of instantiable domain classes as well as of abstract ones. I used 1.0.0.M5 version, and the type information (under _class key) was stored with object when it was necessary to be able to read it from database later. That worked perfectly for me till my upgrade to 1.0.0.RELEASE version that broke my application as it saves the objects without type information and later it is impossible to read it back to java model.

      What I found is that MappingMongoConverter.writeInternal(...) method that in turn calls addCustomTypeIfNecessary(...) (line 330) which puts type information into DBObject. During execution of convertToMongoType(...) (at line 851) removeTypeInfoRecursively(...) is called which clears type data saved earlier under _class key. I had to comment out this call in order to

      The first point is that there is a contradiction: why to save type information to DBObject if it is later removed by other method? The second point is that there should be a way to persist the type information inferred from runtime along the persisted object and not just the class definition.


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