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MajorImprovementDATAMONGO-131Allow repositories to work with interfaces as domain typeOliver GierkeWaiting for Feedback
MajorImprovementDATAMONGO-287MongoDocumentBacking fails when updating a backed attributeThomas RisbergOpen
MajorImprovementDATAMONGO-345Indexes are not automatically recreated if collection is droppedOliver GierkeInvestigating
MajorNew FeatureDATAMONGO-351Allow to use repository query parameters to define a part of key in @QueryOliver GierkeOpen
MajorImprovementDATAMONGO-353Modify MongoDB Cross-store aspects so they can weave third party codeThomas RisbergOpen
MajorImprovementDATAMONGO-362QueryDSL does not work with DBRefOliver GierkeOpen
MajorImprovementDATAMONGO-433Aspect weaving to broad for cross-store scenarioThomas RisbergOpen
MajorImprovementDATAMONGO-438Add integration to allow domain value objects being marshaled via JAXB / JSON.Oliver GierkeOpen
MajorBugDATAMONGO-519Cannot use the cross-store plugin in an application that has Entity classes with PrePersist or PreUpdate JPA handler methodsThomas RisbergOpen
MajorBugDATAMONGO-561Deletes and updates to capped collections fail silentlyOliver GierkeInvestigating
MajorNew FeatureDATAMONGO-626Add Support for new GeoJSON Features for Mongo 2.4Christoph StroblOpen
MinorTaskDATAMONGO-93Create integration tests for authenticationUnassignedOpen
MinorNew FeatureDATAMONGO-103Use QueryDSL Path expressions to specify field constraints on repository queriesOliver GierkeOpen
MinorImprovementDATAMONGO-132Allow using Index and GeospatialIndex in combinationUnassignedOpen
MinorNew FeatureDATAMONGO-163Create a @Fields annotation which will be use by repositoriesOliver GierkeInvestigating
MinorNew FeatureDATAMONGO-165Runtime validation of field names used in criteria APIOliver GierkeOpen
MinorNew FeatureDATAMONGO-182add 'group' and 'mapreduce' to the MongoOpsThomas RisbergOpen
MinorNew FeatureDATAMONGO-184Field-Selection using PageableOliver GierkeWaiting for Feedback
MinorImprovementDATAMONGO-198Add ability to perform update-with-replace for entire domain object by queryOliver GierkeOpen
MinorNew FeatureDATAMONGO-219Hierachy of Spring events suitable for query performance monitoringOliver GierkeWaiting for Feedback
MinorImprovementDATAMONGO-242Allow using complex types as Map keysOliver GierkeOpen
MinorImprovementDATAMONGO-267Consider adding additional event types for persistence events such as remove and update.Oliver GierkeOpen
MinorImprovementDATAMONGO-314Allow developers to externalize Mongo queries in javascript filesOliver GierkeResolved
MinorImprovementDATAMONGO-317Better syntax for OR/AND CriteriasThomas RisbergOpen
MinorBugDATAMONGO-365Example 5.5. of reference documentation uses deprecated functionThomas DarimontIn Progress
MinorImprovementDATAMONGO-384Improve mapping documentationOliver GierkeOpen
MinorNew FeatureDATAMONGO-434Allow derived properties (getters) to be mappedOliver GierkeOpen
MinorNew FeatureDATAMONGO-440Cascading operations on @DBRef fieldsOliver GierkeOpen
MinorNew FeatureDATAMONGO-444Support multi-polygon searchOliver GierkeWaiting for Feedback
MinorImprovementDATAMONGO-485Dont require Converters for Complex classes that are used as IdsOliver GierkeWaiting for Feedback
MinorImprovementDATAMONGO-487Add custom mapping to MongoOperationsOliver GierkeWaiting for Feedback
MinorBugDATAMONGO-524"id" field of embedded document is mapped to "_id"Oliver GierkeOpen
MinorNew FeatureDATAMONGO-525Customizable naming strategy for auto mapping domain object to database namesOliver GierkeOpen
MinorNew FeatureDATAMONGO-595Expose new QueryDSL elemMatch featureOliver GierkeOpen
MinorImprovementDATAMONGO-625GridFsOperations.createFile method should allow specification of _idOliver GierkeOpen
MinorTaskDATAMONGO-836Clean up QueryMapper and UpdateMapperOliver GierkeOpen
TrivialImprovementDATAMONGO-604Unable to save Map<String, ?> when one of it's keys starts with dollar signOliver GierkeOpen
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