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Allow extension of Lettuce Connection and Subscription classes



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    • Fix Version/s: 2.2 RC2 (Moore)
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      As part of scaling up our cloud infrastructure, we identified the need to migrate to clustered Redis for our services deployment that uses Spring Session. We are using

      Spring Cloud Finchley.SR2
      Spring Boot 2.0.5.RELEASE
      Spring Session 2.1.4.RELEASE
      Spring Data Redis 2.1.5.RELEASE
      Lettuce 5.1.4.RELEASE

      Testing with the Redis cluster showed that our designated service that processes events from Spring Session was not receiving any session expiration events. Looking closer, Redis keyspace event notification subscriptions required by Spring Session were not being registered on the Redis cluster master nodes. The subscriptions were present in the cluster slave nodes and were indicated in the info for the connections to the slaves, but were missing from the masters.

      We looked into the Spring code and the Lettuce documentation and it appears that some of the code Lettuce uses to handle PubSub with clusters hasn't been integrated yet. The documentation in question is hereĀ https://github.com/lettuce-io/lettuce-core/wiki/Pub-Sub#redis-cluster.

      We successfully integrated the Lettuce code into a branch of Spring Data Redis based on the 2.1.5.RELEASE and Spring Session began working as expected – our service once again was receiving the session expiration events that are based on the Redis keyspace event notifications, and we can see the PubSub subscriptions on the Redis master nodes.

      The Lettuce documentation specifies different code paths for user-space versus keyspace notifications from Redis. For our purposes we hard-coded the modifications to work as required by Spring Session (i.e., for keyspace notifications), but this fork has some additional code to expose the necessary flag to differentiate the two cases. A change will be required in Spring Session to utilize this new flag.

      I haven't contributed before so I am looking for feedback/guidance.
      This code has been tested as part of our branch based on the 2.1.5.RELEASE. For the fork, I have integrated it into 2.2.0-SNAPSHOT but we haven't tried this upgrade yet.
      I am not sure how the unit tests for cluster code work, as I only have a standalone Redis installation in my local dev environment, so I have not attempted to add any unit tests for this functionality.

      Thank you


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