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GatewayProxy does not keep track which method triggered the message flow


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      I want to try and avoid having to manually define each method in a gateway bean. My current setup is:

      gateway --> (a bunch of irrelevant stuff) --> http outbound gw

      Each gateway method is multiplexed to use the same HTTP outbound gw in order to unnecessarily create a bunch of HTTP gateways. To make this happen I need to pass along a URL which is unique per method. The usual way to do this would be to define each method in the XML config, setup a static header (there's no way to create a static header via annotation) and then read that off in the http outbound gateway but that would leave me defining each method which is messy.

      In my interface I want to be able to just say something like:
      HeartBeat getHeartbeat();

      and in a later header enricher read that annotation off. There's only one thing missing: the gateway bean does not keep track which method trigged the message. If I had a

      {"originatingMethodCall": methodInvocation}

      reference then it would be trivial.


      Aside #1: I worked around it by making an aspect and storing what I wanted in a thread-local but that looks an unclean approach
      Aside #2: This would not have been necessary if it were possible to define static headers per method as an annotation.


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