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HttpMethodFilter should come after CharacterEncodingFilter in web.xml

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    • 1.1.0.RELEASE
    • 1.1.1.RELEASE
    • WEB MVC
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    • not that it would matter, but 32 bit Windows 7, Tomcat, JDK 1.6.0_18


      Non-Latin characters such as Ä,ä,Ö,ö,Ü,ü (and also Õ,õ,Š,š,Ž,ž) inserted into form are set on form backing beans with wrong encoding.

      This problem was not present in ROO 1.1.0.RC1. It seems to me, that bug came up because ROO-1585 was resolved a bit incorrectly (due to the time constraints as Alan Stewart explained).
      In Roo 1.1.0.RC1 following filter-mappings came in given order:

      • springSecurityFilterChain
      • CharacterEncodingFilter
      • HttpMethodFilter

      In ROO-1585 Bryan Keller suggested that HttpMethodFilter would come before springSecurityFilterChain. As I understood following filter mappings order was desired:

      • CharacterEncodingFilter
      • HttpMethodFilter
      • springSecurityFilterChain
        , but instead of moving springSecurityFilterChain after HttpMethodFilter (leaving rest of the filter-mappings order intact) their places were just swapped, resulting following filter-mappings order:
      • HttpMethodFilter
      • springSecurityFilterChain
      • CharacterEncodingFilter

      The reason why desired order was not enforced, was also explained:
      Alan Stewart added a comment - 18/Oct/10 3:52 AM (regarding ROO-1585):
      "Also, to be able to insert the security filter after the HttpMethodFilter, I had to move the CharacterEncodingFilter to be below the HttpMethodFilter so that I could insert the security filter between them. There seems to be an issue with the DOM code that does the inserting of the elements and if I didn't change this order, the security filter was placed incorrectly after the filter-mapping elements."

      But as I understood, the issue mentioned by Alan seems to be related generating file, not that the order of filter-mappings should be strictly the way they appear in web.xml of ROO 1.1.0.RELEASE.

      • HttpMethodFilter
      • springSecurityFilterChain
      • CharacterEncodingFilter

      Alan explains the reason, why he didn't put the filter mappings in desired order right away and introduced the bug I'm reporting with this issue:
      "I don't want to change this code now given time constraints."

      I hope, that You can now before ROO 1.1.1.RELEASE take the time to make the code changes needed to be able to generate filter-mappings in the order they were desired to be.

      As long as this issue remains unresolved You can work around it by manually rearranging filter mappings in web.xml

      Keep up great work with ROO!


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