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Getting Relationship error when doing DBRE for existing schema in Oracle


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      I have checked with DBA team and there is no database relationship issue in my existing schema.I also did some research on same relationship issue and found there is still some issue in Spring ROO release ,even though roo unable to create simple relationship (one- to- one /PK- FK) between two tables using Database reverse engineering command(DBre).


      Created two database tables – T1-table1 and T2- table2
      Create foreign key relationship between these two tables. [PK(T1) is FK (T2)]
      Create new ROO project
      Run DBre commands for table T2- database reverse engineer --schema schema name --includeTables table2
      Roo DBre command created all artifacts for table T2.
      Run DBre commands for table T1- database reverse engineer -schema schema name-includeTables table1
      Getting roo exception [Foreign key table for foreign key 'FK_table1' in table 'table1' does not exist. One-to-one relationship not created]
      I had reverse the order of executing DBre commands for tables i.e. first T1 & T2 but still getting exception for table T1.

      Also Attempted to create one-to-many mapped-by field – but type for table – could not be found or is not database managed (not annotated with @RooDbManaged)


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