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Light weight options for Spring Roo



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      First let me say, great job guys, Spring Roo is my favorite way to create Java Webapps.

      From the perspective of entrepreneurial types wanting to rapidly create lightweight java webapps, it would be nice if it were possible to exclude some of the extra project bloat that isn't always appropriate for this type of scenario, while still having some of the features that make Spring Roo truly useful.

      A few examples would be:
      1. The ability to not have internationalization and multi-styles. Not all projects intend or have the expected life span to require globalization features.
      2. The ability to not have a conversion service. Again, not required for small projects and can be overkill.
      3. The ability to completely opt out of the view creation including not having the extra tag libs intented for the generated views, present in the project. These are pure bloat if you have no intention of using them.
      4. An extension of 3. would be the ability to choose JSP over JSPX. JSP is more forgiving with regard to XML standards and a lot of people are only familiar with JSP, so it can be more conducive to creating apps with speed if the option to use JSP is there, without having to manually configure it.

      I find myself manually gutting all these features from new projects because the requirements just aren't there. Conversely the requirements to be able to set up new projects fast and create new controllers/entities/reverse engineer and introspect on the database using short commands is always there and the main benefit of using Spring Roo.

      Keep up the good work guys!




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