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      A few weeks ago I raised a new feature that allowed you to use a set of visual components developed with JavaFX to interact with Spring Roo Shell. (ROO-3626)

      The idea of including visual components on Spring Roo was really well received by the community but there were several questions:

      • What is the minimum version of Java should be used to run that visual components?
      • Would it work on STS?
      • Would it work on every OS without differences?
      • Can communicate these components between them? And with ROO shell?
      • ....

      After much consideration along with other members of the community, we decided that the better solution will be to migrate desktop visual components to a web UI.

      To do that, we will use the OSGi R5 HTTP Service as described in Chapter 102 of the OSGi Compendium. To be more specific, we will use Apache Felix HTTP Service (http://felix.apache.org/documentation/subprojects/apache-felix-http-service.html).

      This OSGi HTTP Service will allow ROO to offers a new REST WS API availble to every developer and 3rd party IDEs.

      Additionally Roo publish a web application based on AngularJS that interacts with these REST WS for easier usage.




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