Version 1.1.0.M2


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Released: 10/Jul/10

Release Notes

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BlockerImprovementROO-864Give more details with error message "The entire package name must be lowercase"Ben AlexClosed
BlockerBugROO-1045Big performance problems with roo shellBen AlexClosed
CriticalBugROO-900Can't create working example with Oracle DBAlan StewartClosed
CriticalBugROO-961DoD for method "getNewTransient..." generates wrong code for parent entityAlan StewartClosed fails with 'The first letter of the type name portion must be uppercase'Ben AlexClosed
CriticalBugROO-1060Cannot edit GWT scafolded Amit ManjhiClosed
MajorSub-taskROO-405Add a way to personalize combos (findAll) in controllersStefan SchmidtClosed
MajorSub-taskROO-493Separate header/footer in the default-layoutStefan SchmidtClosed
MajorNew FeatureROO-593Google App Engine (GAE) and datanucleus supportAlan StewartClosed
MajorBugROO-868GWT support brokenAmit ManjhiClosed
MajorBugROO-880Roo 1.1.0.M1 with JPA-2.0 seems to break Java 5 compatibilityAlan StewartClosed
MajorBugROO-906version field in @RooEntity cannot be disabledStefan SchmidtClosed
MajorBugROO-908gae.home in POM is fragileRay CromwellClosed
MajorBugROO-909databinding in select.tagx - only one element is shown as selected, although there should be multipleStefan SchmidtClosed
MajorBugROO-916Adding @RooPlural after controllers generation does not update controller of other entitiesStefan SchmidtClosed
MajorImprovementROO-918Merge Roo MVC menu add-on with Roo MVC JSP addonStefan SchmidtClosed
MajorImprovementROO-924Simplify RequestFactory configRay CromwellClosed
MajorBugROO-945GWT UI Files Missing when database is set to GOOGLE_APP_ENGINERay CromwellClosed
MajorBugROO-949Create Roo Project Fails in Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid LynxBen AlexClosed
MajorBugROO-981Selenium tests do not work for entities with reference fieldsStefan SchmidtClosed
MajorBugROO-982table.tagx creates invalid HTML, causes pages to break in Internet Explorer 8Stefan SchmidtClosed
MajorImprovementROO-1001Identifiers used in jspx and tagx files need to be compliant with jQueryStefan SchmidtClosed
MajorBugROO-1013'perform test' does not run in STSBen AlexClosed
MajorBugROO-1023database reverse engineer not working if the primary key is of type stringAlan StewartClosed
MajorNew FeatureROO-1028Improve addon creation support for developers by introducing different addon generation optionsStefan SchmidtResolved
MajorImprovementROO-1031<form:update should not expose id to avoid manipulation Stefan SchmidtClosed
MajorImprovementROO-1034Move "missing dependencies form" from create.jspx to create.tagxStefan SchmidtClosed
MajorBugROO-1054Expenses.roo does not work on GAEStefan SchmidtClosed
MajorBugROO-1059assertion error after pushing method of converter creation in *Controller.javaStefan SchmidtClosed
MajorBugROO-1071Property 'id' not found when listing Domain Entities on Web PageStefan SchmidtClosed
MajorBugROO-1083view-controller command doesn't work properlyStefan SchmidtClosed
MinorImprovementROO-133DataOnDemand JSR 303 constraintsAlan StewartClosed
MinorImprovementROO-668Improve setProperty method in JspMetadataListener and JspOperations to load properties only onceStefan SchmidtClosed
MinorImprovementROO-733Roo generated data on demand types are not aware of fields annotated with JSR 303 @SizeAlan StewartClosed
MinorNew FeatureROO-820New view-controller commandStefan SchmidtClosed
MinorImprovementROO-821Support latest Spring project structure recommendationsStefan SchmidtClosed
MinorBugROO-857Dependencies form:page in create.jspx doesn't have bodyStefan SchmidtClosed
MinorImprovementROO-861Module addon-solr not updated for M2Ben AlexClosed
MinorImprovementROO-862Change default logging level for DataNucleus providerUnassignedClosed
MinorBugROO-865Expense demo does not work on Chrome (Circular view path)Amit ManjhiClosed
MinorBugROO-866VersionField = "" on @RooEntity causes Controller Scaffolding errorStefan SchmidtClosed
MinorBugROO-867perform shows no output in STSChristian DupuisClosed
MinorBugROO-869Adding @RooPlural after controllers generation does not update menu.jspxStefan SchmidtResolved
MinorBugROO-870Entity view doesn't work when run in JettyStefan SchmidtClosed
MinorImprovementROO-872Support "field lob" for entitiesStefan SchmidtClosed
MinorBugROO-873Integration Test Error STS 2.3.3M1 with ROO 1.1.0M1Alan StewartClosed
MinorBugROO-881scaffold method generation fails if @embedded fields are presentStefan SchmidtClosed
MinorBugROO-897Invalid dependency scope: PROVÄ°DED / NPE if user.language not set to ENStefan SchmidtClosed
MinorImprovementROO-899Post 1.1M1 code refactor and clean upAlan StewartClosed
MinorBugROO-903Roo Build fails with Maven 2.1.0 - Please state minimal Maven version or minimal plugin versions in Roo parent POM Ben AlexClosed doesn't work when de directory route has spaces on a nameBen AlexClosed
MinorBugROO-913Oracle persistence: jdbc driver in pom.xml cannot be foundStefan SchmidtClosed
MinorBugROO-914Oracle persistence: wrong URL in database.propertiesStefan SchmidtClosed
MinorImprovementROO-915Update maven jetty plugin to use new Eclipse hosted Jetty version 7Stefan SchmidtClosed
MinorBugROO-917Some hidden state (in the Eclipse workspace?) causes "gwt setup" to fail from a directory that formerly contained a gwt projectBen AlexClosed
MinorBugROO-930@Transient primitive field creates non-compilable DoDAlan StewartClosed
MinorImprovementROO-940Maven Resources plugin is not configured. Causing platform dependent encoding Ben AlexClosed
MinorBugROO-946Unit tests fail when DoD-generated values for String fields annotated with @Size are outside the range of the specified min and/or max attribute valuesAlan StewartClosed
MinorImprovementROO-947Add getProperties method to PropFileOperations interface and impl class to return an unmodifiable map of all properties in the given properties fileAlan StewartClosed
MinorImprovementROO-952Recompile json.jar in GWT_TOOLS with 1.5 and see if anything breaksAmit ManjhiClosed
MinorSub-taskROO-964Design DAO / Service Layer supportAmit ManjhiClosed
MinorImprovementROO-966Drop the use of TOKEN by RequestFactoryAmit ManjhiClosed
MinorBugROO-967properties path element ROOT - which directory?Ben AlexClosed
MinorBugROO-969AbstractItdMetadataProvider does not skip processing if the governor's type metadata is invalidBen AlexClosed
MinorImprovementROO-970JavaParserClassMetadata should clarify when exception messages are for information as opposed to representing an uncaught exceptionBen AlexClosed
MinorBugROO-971Solr addon does not adjust pointcut method name in project installed aspectStefan SchmidtClosed
MinorBugROO-972References in generated jspx pages are not always applied correctlyStefan SchmidtClosed
MinorBugROO-973ROO projects still depend on EBR bundle repositoriesBen AlexClosed
MinorBugROO-974addon-web-mvc-controller pom.xml using incorrect artifact ID (and thus bundle symbolic name)Ben AlexClosed
MinorBugROO-975addon-web-mvc-jsp using incorrect package nameStefan SchmidtClosed
MinorImprovementROO-976Roo bundles should include Roo version information in Export-Package and Import-PackageBen AlexClosed
MinorImprovementROO-977Enhance Roo build to support wrapping arbitrary JARs as OSGi bundlesBen AlexClosed
MinorImprovementROO-978Maven build to use maven-gpg-pluginBen AlexClosed
MinorImprovementROO-979Maven builds should automatically generate hash code files for JARsBen AlexClosed
MinorBugROO-980Application name not part of Jetty 7 URLStefan SchmidtClosed
MinorImprovementROO-983Refactor Maven project structure to allow projects to select if they require OSGi Declarative Services (SCR) or notBen AlexClosed
MinorImprovementROO-984Refactor Support module to better support non-OSGi usage requirementsBen AlexClosed
MinorImprovementROO-985Refactor File Monitor Polling module to better support non-OSGi usage requirementsBen AlexClosed
MinorImprovementROO-986Refactor shell modules to better support non-OSGi usage requirementsBen AlexClosed
MinorImprovementROO-989Provide mechanism to serialize command metadata to/from JSON stringsBen AlexClosed
MinorNew FeatureROO-990Create a Maven plugin to publish shell metadata into add-on manifestsBen AlexClosed
MinorBugROO-992Missing in deps when building roo from gitBen AlexClosed
MinorBugROO-995Loops forever while running "GWT SETUP"Amit ManjhiClosed
MinorBugROO-996Appengine does not process .jspx filesStefan SchmidtClosed
MinorImprovementROO-997Upgrade OpenJPA to release version 2.0.0 from beta3UnassignedClosed
MinorImprovementROO-998General updates to add-on default template POMBen AlexClosed
MinorImprovementROO-999Upgrade Hibernate core and entity manager dependencies to 3.5.1.FinalAlan StewartClosed
MinorImprovementROO-1000Improve osgi-bundle processing so it tolerates the Git command missing or not being run from a Git projectBen AlexClosed
MinorImprovementROO-1002"database reverse engineer" on a POSTGRES DB complains about missing org.postgresql.DriverAlan StewartClosed
MinorImprovementROO-1005Upgrade Spring Roo build and generated projects to use Spring Framework 3.0.3.RELEASEStefan SchmidtClosed
MinorImprovementROO-1007Drop bikeshed from GWT distributionAmit ManjhiClosed
MinorImprovementROO-1014Update Windows and Cygwin startup scripts to support latest bug fixes and build system improvementsBen AlexClosed
MinorNew FeatureROO-1015undo feature for rooStefan SchmidtClosed
MinorBugROO-1018controller for gwt? confusionBen AlexClosed
MinorImprovementROO-1019Update log4j dependency to 1.2.16 now that its pom is fixed in Maven centralStefan SchmidtClosed
MinorImprovementROO-1020Update JBoss Repository locationsStefan SchmidtClosed
MinorImprovementROO-1024Titlepanes should not always be "open" by defaultStefan SchmidtClosed
MinorImprovementROO-1025Multiple automatically generated Titlepanes on one page have the same DIVStefan SchmidtClosed
MinorImprovementROO-1026Unnecessary assertions in generated @Controller codeStefan SchmidtClosed
MinorBugROO-1027Custom finder for many fields cause file name too longStefan SchmidtClosed
MinorBugROO-1035Inconsistency between client-side and server-side "required" field validation rule for String propertiesStefan SchmidtClosed
MinorBugROO-1037Exceptions when Roo endsBen AlexClosed
MinorBugROO-1039Using {} in RegExp pattern causes IllegalArgumentException: unknown format typeStefan SchmidtClosed
MinorImprovementROO-1044Wrap Protocol Buffers in an OSGi bundle via the build wrapping featureBen AlexClosed
MinorImprovementROO-1046Allow separate installation of new languages for a MVC/JSP scaffolded applicationStefan SchmidtClosed
MinorBugROO-1049Command 'help' and 'reference guide' not foundBen AlexClosed
MinorBugROO-1050SolrSearch: The method message_getId() is undefinedStefan SchmidtClosed
MinorTaskROO-1051Update the generated pom.xml of the GWT app to point to GWT M2's maven repoAmit ManjhiClosed
MinorBugROO-1053<fields:select> has no <form:errors ... />Stefan SchmidtClosed
MinorBugROO-1055field:editor not shown correctly if it is the only fieldStefan SchmidtClosed
MinorBugROO-1056Command 'help' not foundBen AlexClosed
MinorBugROO-1057wrong property name encoding for mailSenderStefan SchmidtClosed
MinorBugROO-1058wrong logout urlBen AlexClosed
MinorBugROO-1061Java imports doesn't read properlyBen AlexClosed
MinorImprovementROO-1062help command (instead of hint)Ben AlexClosed
MinorImprovementROO-1063Replace EBR usage with new repositoryBen AlexClosed
MinorBugROO-1064base-web.xml reference guide contains a XML validation errorStefan SchmidtClosed
MinorImprovementROO-1065Upgrade AspectJ dependency to latest released version 1.6.9.RC3Stefan SchmidtClosed
MinorImprovementROO-1066Allow introduction of static inner types into ITDsStefan SchmidtClosed
MinorImprovementROO-1067PollingFileMonitorService should use mutex when adding and removing listenersBen AlexClosed
MinorImprovementROO-1072Update dependencies for H2, HSQLDB, MySQL JDBC drivers and slf4j loggerStefan SchmidtClosed
MinorBugROO-1073Creating a gwt app with Roo [adb0f4] has log4j errorsAmit ManjhiClosed
MinorBugROO-1074Missing in deps when building roo Ben AlexClosed
MinorBugROO-1075DataOnDemand does not respect the optional=false attribute of @ManyToOneAlan StewartClosed
MinorTaskROO-1077Clearly explain intent of Roo licenseBen AlexClosed
MinorBugROO-1079Compilation error after performing "gwt setup" in rooBen AlexClosed
MinorBugROO-1086wrong generation by view-controller commandStefan SchmidtClosed
MinorImprovementROO-1088Add a UrlInputStreamService to allow bundles to implement Roo's HTTP download requirementsBen AlexClosed
MinorImprovementROO-1089Make ModelSerializer available as an SCR componentBen AlexClosed
MinorImprovementROO-1090Make Bouncy Castle PGP libraries available via Roo wrapping mechanismBen AlexClosed
MinorNew FeatureROO-1091Provide ability to manage trusted PGP keys from within Roo shellBen AlexClosed
MinorNew FeatureROO-1092Provide httppgp:// URL handler in RooBen AlexClosed
MinorImprovementROO-1093Use Spring Roo OBR repository by defaultBen AlexClosed
MinorImprovementROO-1094Roo shell should inform user of add-ons which may offer missing commandsBen AlexClosed
MinorTaskROO-1095Release Spring Roo 1.1.0.M2Ben AlexClosed
MinorImprovementROO-1096Update to AspectJ 1.6.10.M1 to fix Data Nucleus-related ajcore dumpBen AlexClosed
TrivialImprovementROO-524Web App Page header link to the main pageStefan SchmidtClosed
TrivialBugROO-910Superflous DOJO decoration in update.tagxStefan SchmidtClosed
TrivialBugROO-959Roo addon template should use OSGi compliant version numberingBen AlexClosed
TrivialBugROO-1069Title text missing in MVC update viewStefan SchmidtClosed
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