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Version 1.1.2.RELEASE


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Released: 25/Feb/11

Release Notes

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BlockerBugROO-2026Spring Roo automatic add-on discovery service cannot find Oracle driverBen AlexResolved
BlockerBugROO-2050Advanced add-on doesn't buildAlan StewartResolved
BlockerBugROO-2135select.tagx: Dropdown field raises may not be null even when a value is thereStefan SchmidtResolved
BlockerBugROO-2140Spring Roo lost functionalityAlan StewartResolved
CriticalImprovementROO-950Split Roo MVC menu add-on off Roo MVC JSP addonStefan SchmidtClosed
CriticalBugROO-2040database reverse engineer doesn't create all artefactsAlan StewartResolved
CriticalBugROO-2046Converter methods not generatedRossen StoyanchevResolved
CriticalBugROO-2057gwt setup giving String index out of range:-1James TyrrellResolved
CriticalBugROO-2067Default app generated by Roo + GWT + MySQL doesn't support cyrillic charactersAlan StewartClosed
CriticalBugROO-2082Composite primary support by MVC scaffoldingStefan SchmidtClosed
CriticalBugROO-2108MVC doesn't generate views for findersStefan SchmidtResolved
CriticalBugROO-21501.1.2.BUILD-SNAPSHOT - java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/springframework/roo/projectAlan StewartResolved
MajorImprovementROO-8Review templating approach to be more flexible and allow better custom branding of generated applicationsStefan SchmidtResolved
MajorBugROO-1770ConcurrentModificationException in project creation with IBM JDKAlan StewartResolved
MajorNew FeatureROO-1854Support Maven 3 buildsBen AlexResolved
MajorBugROO-1948Roo does not build with Maven 3.0.1Ben AlexResolved
MajorBugROO-1953Metadata notifications are inconsistentStefan SchmidtResolved
MajorImprovementROO-1956Update Roo to Felix Framework 3.0.7 and associated Felix bundlesBen AlexResolved
MajorBugROO-1970expenses-gae.roo script fails with ROO 1.1.1James TyrrellResolved
MajorBugROO-1973NullPointer on upgrading to Roo 1.1.1.RELEASEStefan SchmidtResolved
MajorBugROO-1974Perpetual "Still Loading" LoopAlan StewartClosed
MajorNew FeatureROO-1980Introduce add-on / component upgrade functionalities to Roo shellStefan SchmidtResolved
MajorBugROO-1982UnsupportedOperationException with composite primary keyStefan SchmidtResolved
MajorImprovementROO-1985Remove BeanInfoMetadata from addon-finder and replace with MemberDetailsScannerAlan StewartResolved
MajorImprovementROO-1995General improvements in email add-onStefan SchmidtResolved
MajorImprovementROO-2002JSON add-on should observe new metadata handling patternsStefan SchmidtResolved
MajorImprovementROO-2003Solr add-on should observe new metadata handling patternsStefan SchmidtResolved
MajorBugROO-2010Database field named class causes DBRE to generate non-compiling classesAlan StewartClosed
MajorBugROO-2011Roo generated controller contains compile errors for Entity called RequestStefan SchmidtResolved
MajorBugROO-2018Roo 1.1.1 does not support inheritanceType TABLE_PER_CLASS with GWT 2.1.1James TyrrellResolved
MajorBugROO-2020Roo GWT support: applicationScaffold.nocache.js - 404 not foundJames TyrrellResolved
MajorBugROO-2024dijit.editor is not rendered correctlyStefan SchmidtClosed
MajorBugROO-2025The redirect from delete operation has duplicated parameters (size and page)Stefan SchmidtResolved
MajorBugROO-2028selenium test fails with 'Properties file not found' when package name is proStefan SchmidtResolved
MajorImprovementROO-2037Scalability of Roo Generated ControllersStefan SchmidtResolved
MajorImprovementROO-2051Upgrade to Spring Security 3.0.5Alan StewartResolved
MajorBugROO-2055sizeMin constraint on a set causes generated test to failAlan StewartClosed
MajorImprovementROO-2066Refactor ClasspathOperations methods into TypeLocationService and a new TypeManagementServiceAlan StewartResolved
MajorImprovementROO-2074Change dependency listening approach in ConversionServiceMD and remove use of BeanInfoMetadataStefan SchmidtResolved
MajorBugROO-2090gwt-setup fails if using a set of enums with "String index out of range: -1 "James TyrrellResolved
MajorImprovementROO-2098Remove dependency on BeanInfoMetadata for MVC add-ons (JSP & controller) as well as Selenium add-onStefan SchmidtResolved
MajorTaskROO-2100Refactor the GWT add-on so Services are not passed in via GwtMetadata's constructorJames TyrrellResolved
MajorBugROO-2117"gwt setup" command: NullPointerExceptionJames TyrrellResolved
MajorBugROO-2120[patch] input.tagx to provide message escapingStefan SchmidtResolved
MajorBugROO-2121New ApplicationConversionServiceFactoryBean isn't invoked from ExpressionUtilsStefan SchmidtResolved
MajorBugROO-2123NullPointerException at org.springframework.roo.addon.web.mvc.controller.converter.ConversionServiceMetadataProvider.isMethodOfInterestAlan StewartResolved
MajorBugROO-2125Datanucleus enhancer builder stops working and cannot be re-enabledJames TyrrellResolved
MajorImprovementROO-2128Remove addon-beaninfo from Roo root pomAlan StewartResolved
MajorImprovementROO-2137Make JavaType more type sensitiveJames TyrrellResolved
MajorBugROO-2153The GWT Add-On requires a second launch of Roo to create a valid applicationJames TyrrellResolved
MinorImprovementROO-484Russian lang for jsp'sStefan SchmidtResolved
MinorImprovementROO-844REST controller with JSON / XMLStefan SchmidtResolved
MinorImprovementROO-1361Ability to change the json root in flexjson serializerStefan SchmidtResolved
MinorImprovementROO-1381ProjectMetadata should be able handle snapshot=true for repositoriesAlan StewartResolved
MinorImprovementROO-1420Any menu modifying command causes the application.properties file to "randomly" sort Stefan SchmidtResolved
MinorImprovementROO-1660Content Negotation with JSON / HTMLStefan SchmidtResolved
MinorImprovementROO-1671Do not allow dashes in package names on the Roo shell project command lineAlan StewartResolved
MinorImprovementROO-1703Provide tab completion for 'focus' commandAlan StewartClosed
MinorImprovementROO-1705Permit primitive types by type onlyAlan StewartResolved
MinorImprovementROO-1760Error in Documentation - James TyrrellResolved
MinorImprovementROO-1774@RooJavaBean - add ability to ignore propertiesBen AlexResolved
MinorImprovementROO-1798Switch from textarea to div for rich editor dijitRossen StoyanchevResolved
MinorImprovementROO-1823Generate client side validation for regex on input fieldsStefan SchmidtResolved
MinorImprovementROO-1825Properties files generated in WEB-INF/i18n/ are not sortedStefan SchmidtResolved
MinorImprovementROO-1859"X does not support runtime expressions" validation errorsStefan SchmidtResolved
MinorImprovementROO-1860DBRE to map MySQL tinyint(1) and/or bit SQL types to java.lang.Boolean for GWTAlan StewartResolved
MinorImprovementROO-1878Improve metadata tracing featuresBen AlexResolved
MinorImprovementROO-1885ConversionService should observe metadata immutability and dependency injection conventionsStefan SchmidtResolved
MinorImprovementROO-1893Improve statistics from "metadata summary" commandBen AlexResolved
MinorBugROO-1946NPE in WebScaffoldMetadata.getDatePatternsStefan SchmidtResolved
MinorImprovementROO-1947Update Roo project build to 3.1.0.RELEASE of org.springframework.build.aws.mavenBen AlexResolved
MinorImprovementROO-1949General documentation updatesBen AlexResolved
MinorImprovementROO-1950Make label override available for find.tagxStefan SchmidtResolved
MinorBugROO-1951JSTL c:out for I18NStefan SchmidtResolved
MinorBugROO-1952NPE in WebScaffoldMetadata & JspViewManager when version field is removedStefan SchmidtResolved
MinorBugROO-1954update.jspx does not get updated when a version field is removed from the scaffolded form backing objectStefan SchmidtResolved
MinorImprovementROO-1957Update Spring UAA to 1.0.0.RELEASEBen AlexResolved
MinorBugROO-1958@RooJavaBean and @javax.validation.constraints.Pattern with constantAlan StewartResolved
MinorImprovementROO-1959Upgrade Spring Roo build system usage to Maven 3Ben AlexResolved
MinorBugROO-1966roo controller add: NullPointerException in org.springframework.roo.addon.web.mvc.jsp.JspViewManagerStefan SchmidtResolved
MinorImprovementROO-1968Certain entity names are not throwing Reserved Word errors, or not processing correctly if they should be allowedAlan StewartResolved
MinorBugROO-1969"mvn clean gwt:compile" failsJames TyrrellResolved
MinorImprovementROO-1971Post 1.1.1.RELEASE code refactor and clean upAlan StewartResolved
MinorBugROO-1972Dynamic finders with reverse engineering only work once pr sessionAlan StewartResolved
MinorBugROO-1976toString() method of Column class in DBRE causes stack overflow if called Alan StewartResolved
MinorBugROO-1977Intermittent Process Manager lock-upsBen AlexResolved
MinorBugROO-1978GWT type mismatch in unidirectional many-to-many and one-to-many relationsJames TyrrellResolved
MinorImprovementROO-1979Remove JoinTable class from DBREAlan StewartResolved
MinorImprovementROO-1981DBRE should keep field name capitalization as per DB column nameAlan StewartResolved
MinorBugROO-1983JavaBeanMetadata creates an AspectJ file with an "Employee" typeAlan StewartResolved
MinorBugROO-1984colspan in table.tagx should match actual number of columnsStefan SchmidtResolved
MinorBugROO-1988Dependency should not use JavaSymbolName for artifactIdAlan StewartResolved
MinorImprovementROO-1989Add clear() method to the entity ITDsAlan StewartResolved
MinorBugROO-1990Dependency should not use JavaPackage for groupIdAlan StewartResolved
MinorImprovementROO-1991PropFileOperations should accept a map of properties to be changedStefan SchmidtResolved
MinorImprovementROO-1992Refactor JspMetadataListener handle i18n properties more efficientlyStefan SchmidtResolved
MinorImprovementROO-1993Add a method to MemberFindingUtils to return the JavaType given a MemberDetails objectAlan StewartResolved
MinorImprovementROO-1996Introduce option to send JMS messages asynchronouslyStefan SchmidtResolved
MinorImprovementROO-1998Add a method to MemberFindingUtils to return all methods given a MemberDetails objectAlan StewartResolved
MinorImprovementROO-2001Remove redundant addon-beaninfo artifact references from addon-entityAlan StewartResolved
MinorBugROO-2005Tab complete doesn't work for JPA_TIMESTAMPAlan StewartClosed
MinorImprovementROO-2006JavaParserMutableClassOrInterfaceTypeDetails.updateTypeAnnotation(..) should not flush changes to disk twice during normal operationBen AlexResolved
MinorImprovementROO-2007AbstractItdMetadataProvider to offer createLocalMid(..) methodAlan StewartResolved
MinorImprovementROO-2008Make DBRE Database class fully immutableAlan StewartResolved
MinorImprovementROO-2009Refactor DBRE DatabaseIntrospector schema introspection into separate classAlan StewartResolved
MinorBugROO-2012Roo shell throws exception when an entity is created without a "." in the name if entity was previously created with the same command and then manually deletedAlan StewartResolved
MinorImprovementROO-2013Remove BeanInfoMetadata from addon-javabeanAlan StewartResolved
MinorImprovementROO-2014Remove addon-beaninfo dependency from DBRE pom.xmlAlan StewartResolved
MinorImprovementROO-2015Add deactivate() method to DbreMetadataProviderImpl as per Roo standard pattern for metadata providersAlan StewartResolved
MinorImprovementROO-2017Update FlexJson version to 2.1 to fix Serializing included collectionsStefan SchmidtResolved
MinorImprovementROO-2021Remove MetadataService and ClassPathOperations from JavaBeanMetadata, and change back to BIM for nowAlan StewartResolved
MinorImprovementROO-2022Make metadata providers consistent with accepted Roo patternBen AlexResolved
MinorImprovementROO-2027@DecimalMax constraint not honored in RooDataOnDemand testsAlan StewartClosed
MinorBugROO-2029@OneToMany and @ManyToOne annotations > wrong aj code (extra "minus" in the declaration)Alan StewartResolved
MinorBugROO-2030exception on mixedcase importsAlan StewartResolved
MinorBugROO-2031Relationships can't work : uncompilable code generated in the .aj for @OneToMany and @ManyToOneAlan StewartClosed
MinorImprovementROO-2033VMForce: Change the package of PersistenceProviderImplAlan StewartResolved
MinorBugROO-2034perform command --mavenCommand gae:deploy fails if no username/password in settings.xmlAlan StewartResolved
MinorBugROO-2035DBRE NullPointerException getting DatePatterns during "controller all --package ~.web"Alan StewartClosed
MinorImprovementROO-2036Make DataOnDemandMetadata immutable by removing MetdataService and MetadataDependencyRegistryAlan StewartResolved
MinorBugROO-2038VMForce: Adding VMFORCE as database to an existing project creates code that cannot be compiledStefan SchmidtClosed
MinorBugROO-2039osgi obr start hangs RooAlan StewartResolved
MinorBugROO-2041List of DeclaredFieldAnnotationDetails passed to addFieldAnnotation method of ItdTypeDetailsBuilder incorrectly uses List.contains() to check for presented annotationAlan StewartResolved
MinorImprovementROO-2042Check that presented field annotation to the constructor of DeclaredMethodAnnotationDetails has no attributes when requesting its removal from an ITD Alan StewartResolved
MinorImprovementROO-2043JBoss Maven Repo URL changeStefan SchmidtResolved
MinorImprovementROO-2044Add Roo Build server PGP key to Roo defaultsBen AlexResolved
MinorImprovementROO-2045Change default PGP server to keyserver.ubuntu.comAlan StewartResolved
MinorBugROO-2048Roo 1.1.1 gwt setup with hibernate/MySQL persistence produces compilation errorsJames TyrrellResolved
MinorBugROO-2053DataOnDemand incorrectly expects a DoD type for enum fieldsAlan StewartResolved
MinorBugROO-2056Combo box strange appearenceStefan SchmidtResolved
MinorImprovementROO-2058Expose declared fields and methods in DbreMetadata by creating accessors returning unmodifiable listsAlan StewartClosed
MinorImprovementROO-2060Pass in lists of EntityMetadata fields and methods to DbreMetadata constructor instead of passing in EntityMetadata itselfAlan StewartResolved
MinorImprovementROO-2062RooBot client support for zip compressed repository definitionsStefan SchmidtResolved
MinorBugROO-2063field of Abstract type in class covered by Roo Integration Tests causes invalid DataOnDemand.ajAlan StewartClosed
MinorImprovementROO-2064Sets in jspStefan SchmidtClosed
MinorImprovementROO-2065Contents of columns in jsp's (lists) is trimmed to 10 symbolsStefan SchmidtResolved
MinorImprovementROO-2068PGP server definition should be made available in external config fileBen AlexResolved
MinorBugROO-2071delete icon is aligned incorrectlyStefan SchmidtResolved
MinorBugROO-2072Extra space for action columns in listsStefan SchmidtResolved
MinorImprovementROO-2075Add GWT documentation to Roo's reference guideJames TyrrellResolved
MinorImprovementROO-2077Improve documentation of requirements for publishing a new add-on using RooBotStefan SchmidtResolved
MinorBugROO-2078JavaBeanMetadata does not consider collections of entities for GAEAlan StewartResolved
MinorImprovementROO-2080Upgrade Hibernate to 3.6.1.FinalAlan StewartResolved
MinorImprovementROO-2081Upgrade JUnit to 4.8.2Alan StewartResolved
MinorImprovementROO-2083Boost performance of gwt setup commandAlan StewartResolved
MinorBugROO-2084FrameworkEvent ERROR when osgi uninstall the advanced addon exampleStefan SchmidtResolved
MinorBugROO-2085Broken link for famfamfam_flag_icons.zipStefan SchmidtResolved
MinorImprovementROO-2086Add support to integrate with gpg-agentGreg TurnquistResolved
MinorImprovementROO-2088Provide overloaded constructors to AbstractIdentifiableAnnotatedJavaStructureBuilder instancesAlan StewartResolved
MinorImprovementROO-2092Move BeanInfoUtils from addon-beaninfo to classpath and replace all uses with the new classAlan StewartResolved
MinorBugROO-2096Minor help error displayed after 'download privacy level' command is usedBen AlexResolved
MinorImprovementROO-2099Remove use of BeanInfoMetadata from property editor add-onStefan SchmidtResolved
MinorImprovementROO-2101Deprecate addon-beaninfoAlan StewartResolved
MinorBugROO-2102Help is showed two timesJames TyrrellResolved
MinorBugROO-2104Invested in the @RequestMapping get and post methodsStefan SchmidtResolved
MinorBugROO-2105Roo shell ignores entities in non-lower-case packagesJames TyrrellResolved
MinorImprovementROO-2106Move RooBot repository definition to the default config.propertiesStefan SchmidtResolved
MinorBugROO-2109Unable to resolve org.springframework.build.aws:org.springframework.build.aws.maven:jar:3.1.0.RELEASEBen AlexResolved
MinorImprovementROO-2110Maven addon should intepret enableSnapshot attribute when adding a repository to pom.xmlAlan StewartResolved
MinorImprovementROO-2113Improve consistency of Roo code baseAlan StewartResolved
MinorBugROO-2114Incorrect generated code in one of the ITD'sAlan StewartClosed
MinorImprovementROO-2115Web MVC embed change to new Youtube formatStefan SchmidtResolved
MinorBugROO-2116input.tagx doesn't show regexp validation messageStefan SchmidtResolved
MinorBugROO-2118can't configure eclipse to work on roo codeJames TyrrellResolved
MinorBugROO-2119NullPointerException at org.springframework.roo.addon.web.mvc.controller.scaffold.WebScaffoldMetadata.getFinderFormMethodStefan SchmidtResolved
MinorBugROO-2122Incorrect import in JavaBean aspect for java.util.SetBen AlexClosed
MinorBugROO-2124Solr function search(String queryString) throws NullPointerExceptionAlan StewartResolved
MinorImprovementROO-2126Merge Maven Add-On into the Project moduleAlan StewartResolved
MinorBugROO-2127I18N problem - diacritical characters are escapedStefan SchmidtResolved
MinorImprovementROO-2131Correct the output of addon creator commands as a result of merging addon-maven and projectAlan StewartResolved
MinorBugROO-2132Finders use wrong table name when entity extends an abstract base classAlan StewartResolved
MinorBugROO-2133Json method generation fails in WebScaffoldMetadataStefan SchmidtResolved
MinorImprovementROO-2138"Vote" script can apply @Size constraints once moreStefan SchmidtResolved
MinorBugROO-2139Solr add-on not produce stable aspectsJames TyrrellResolved
MinorBugROO-2141Field definitions for java.lang.* types are written as fully qualified type names rather than simple type namesStefan SchmidtResolved
MinorBugROO-2142DBRE fkey: Type for table * could not be found but was referenced by table *Alan StewartClosed
MinorImprovementROO-2143Accidentally pasting a finder name twice should result in it being rejectedStefan SchmidtResolved
MinorImprovementROO-2144Remove addon-beaninfo and all references from RooAlan StewartResolved
MinorBugROO-2146WebScaffoldMetadataProvider is not triggered on changes to or addition of dynamic findersStefan SchmidtResolved
MinorBugROO-2147A scaffolded GWT application won't run without at least one entityJames TyrrellResolved
MinorTaskROO-2148Remove unused imports from static template files in the GWT Add-OnJames TyrrellResolved
MinorImprovementROO-2149Repair broken javadoc linksAlan StewartResolved
MinorBugROO-2151Add-on Exception: org.osgi.framework.ServiceException: Service factory returned null.Alan StewartResolved
MinorImprovementROO-2152Add-ons should sorted descending by ranking when using 'addon list' commandStefan SchmidtResolved
MinorBugROO-2154DataOnDemand overwrites default field values.Alan StewartResolved
MinorTaskROO-2156Upgrade the GWT Add-On to GWT 2.2James TyrrellResolved
MinorBugROO-2157Fix code to prevent NPEsAlan StewartResolved
MinorBugROO-2158Deleting/creating/updating roo generated entities containing an enum property with lots of constants causes index out of bound exception while the scaffolded controller tries to redirect Stefan SchmidtResolved
MinorBugROO-2160Pom and doc fixesAlan StewartResolved
MinorBugROO-2162BeanInfoUtils.hasAccessorAndMutator() method does not recognize boolean fieldsStefan SchmidtResolved
MinorBugROO-2163Dependency on ActiveMQ v 5.3.3 invalid since Maven central does not list this versionStefan SchmidtResolved
MinorImprovementROO-2166Upgrade to Spring UAA 1.0.1 inc API changesBen AlexResolved
MinorImprovementROO-2167Add HTTP download proxy server support to JdkUrlInputStreamServiceBen AlexResolved
MinorBugROO-2168Boolean fields with two accessors (isFoo() and getFoo()) are scaffolded twiceStefan SchmidtResolved
MinorBugROO-2169Scaffold UI package not being correctly imported in GWT applicationJames TyrrellResolved
MinorBugROO-2170GWT Add-On creates applications using invalid typesJames TyrrellResolved
MinorTaskROO-2171Change version of AspectJ used in Roo projects to 1.6.11.M2James TyrrellResolved
MinorTaskROO-2172Release Spring Roo 1.1.2.RELEASEAlan StewartResolved
TrivialImprovementROO-1761Comment in addon-simple.roo and addon-advanced.roo should be updated.Stefan SchmidtResolved
TrivialImprovementROO-1997Improve 'addon search' command Stefan SchmidtResolved
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