Version 1.2.0.RC1


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Released: 24/Nov/11

Release Notes

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BlockerBugROO-2754Unable to download add-ons with the addon install commandAlan StewartResolved
BlockerBugROO-2783web gwt all failure for unknown reasonJames TyrrellResolved
BlockerBugROO-2790dijit.form.TimeTextBox is working fine in create mode but not in edit mode Stefan SchmidtResolved
BlockerBugROO-2924@RooSolrSearchable causes infinite loop when applied to an entityAndrew SwanResolved
CriticalNew FeatureROO-120Support multi module Maven projectsAndrew SwanResolved
CriticalBugROO-2807Dynamic Disabling of input fields failsAlan StewartResolved
CriticalImprovementROO-2829Change 'entity' command to JPA-specific 'entity jpa' commandStefan SchmidtResolved
CriticalTaskROO-2833Rename persistence-related Roo trigger annotations to improve consistencyStefan SchmidtResolved
CriticalBugROO-2867Illegal/unsupported escape sequence near index 3Andrew SwanResolved
MajorSub-taskROO-38Ability to easily update templates for custom POM configurationAndrew SwanResolved
MajorNew FeatureROO-516JSF 2.0 AddonAlan StewartResolved
MajorImprovementROO-1857Integration test is failing for @EmbeddedId fieldAlan StewartClosed
MajorNew FeatureROO-1999Composite primary key support in MVC scaffoldingStefan SchmidtResolved
MajorBugROO-2322Invalid dependency between upstream ... and downstream ...Andrew SwanResolved
MajorBugROO-2470 Limitations for the roo shell in building controllers on a windows 7 environment Alan StewartResolved
MajorNew FeatureROO-2632DataNucleus 3.0 SupportAlan StewartResolved
MajorBugROO-2772Cannot rename DBRE fieldsAlan StewartResolved
MajorBugROO-2773o.s.r.project.MavenProjectMetadataProviderTest fails on WindowsAndrew SwanResolved
MajorBugROO-2786JavaBean ITD not deleted when governor fields have been deletedJames TyrrellResolved
MajorBugROO-2788Roo failed on entity name "News"Stefan SchmidtResolved
MajorBugROO-2797Problems with Cloud Foundry Addon in 1.1.5.RELEASEAlan StewartResolved
MajorBugROO-2802pizzashop.roo script doesn't introduce required services until shell restartedAndrew SwanResolved
MajorBugROO-2804Installing Cloud Foundry Add-on in STS Roo shell failsBen AlexResolved
MajorBugROO-2808Disable Functionality Issue on Filtering SelectAlan StewartResolved
MajorBugROO-2816Some views show the text "WEB-INF/views/foo/bar.jspx" instead of that JSP's contentsAndrew SwanResolved
MajorBugROO-2818Cloud foundry login command ignores cloudControllerUrl parameterAndrew SwanResolved
MajorBugROO-2850Tab completion ignores some available commandsAndrew SwanResolved
MajorSub-taskROO-2852Can't create nested Maven modulesAndrew SwanResolved
MajorBugROO-2854The web jsf all command generated ManagedBean's init() method is incompleteAlan StewartResolved
MajorSub-taskROO-2855The addon create command failsAndrew SwanResolved
MajorImprovementROO-2858Allow Spring Data @Persistent types by DataOnDemand (for MongoDB testing integration)Stefan SchmidtResolved
MajorBugROO-2860Date formats with commas in (e.g. "MM") break list views in Roo scaffoldsAlan StewartResolved
MajorBugROO-2862mongo setup fails after jpa setup in new projectStefan SchmidtResolved
MajorBugROO-2863Hint fails after mongo setupStefan SchmidtResolved
MajorBugROO-2870LazyInitializationException in JSF bikeshop exampleAlan StewartResolved
MajorSub-taskROO-2883Last step of scaffolding multi-module Roo project fails with wrong webmvc-config.xml detectionAndrew SwanResolved
MajorBugROO-2893web mvc setup creates two mvc servlets in trunkAlan StewartResolved
MajorBugROO-2904Roo nightly builds have broken auto-complete with STS consoleAlan StewartResolved
MajorBugROO-2908web jsf setup command generates incomplete web.xml if apache myfaces is chooseAlan StewartResolved
MajorBugROO-2913JSF Scaffold against multi-module roo project switches module focus to project with entityAlan StewartResolved
MajorBugROO-2922GWT add-on does not respect paths in a multi-module projectAlan StewartResolved
MinorImprovementROO-163Allow specification of a parent POMAndrew SwanResolved
MinorNew FeatureROO-1223Addon that allows the user to create constructorsAlan StewartClosed
MinorNew FeatureROO-1408DBRE multiple schema supportAlan StewartResolved
MinorImprovementROO-1960Upgrade to maven-antrun-plugin when MANTRUN-160 appliedAlan StewartResolved
MinorImprovementROO-2358Remove Maven project listener artifactsAlan StewartResolved
MinorImprovementROO-2542Upgrade web.xml to servlet 2.5Andrew SwanResolved
MinorImprovementROO-2552Display Id as first item when using @RooEntity and @RooToStringAlan StewartResolved
MinorImprovementROO-2573"field jms template" command should add a JmsOperations, not a JmsTemplateAndrew SwanResolved
MinorBugROO-2587dbre.xml not inserted into maven-war-plugin as an exclusion when a database reverse engineeredAlan StewartResolved
MinorImprovementROO-2636Merge JPA addons, addon-jpa and addon-entityAlan StewartResolved
MinorImprovementROO-2719Improve sample code generated by "addon create" commandStefan SchmidtResolved
MinorImprovementROO-2742Don't update database upon switching JPA provider if any entities are DBRE-managedAlan StewartResolved
MinorImprovementROO-2745Post 1.2.0.M1 code refactor and clean upAlan StewartResolved
MinorImprovementROO-2750Upgrade Mockito testing library from 1.8.2 to 1.8.5Andrew SwanResolved
MinorBugROO-2752Roo deploy script does not terminate tomcat process after running pizzashop testsAlan StewartResolved
MinorImprovementROO-2753Update various database, ORM provider, and Selenium dependency versionsAlan StewartResolved
MinorBugROO-2755web gwt all doesn't create a gwt source entryJames TyrrellResolved
MinorBugROO-2756Addon create advanced uses removed MutableClassOrInterfaceDetailsStefan SchmidtResolved
MinorBugROO-2758Running PizzaShop Chapter 2. Beginning With Roo: The Tutorial results in errors when running.Stefan SchmidtResolved
MinorImprovementROO-2760Use "java.version" property in POMAndrew SwanResolved
MinorBugROO-2763json plugin missing from roo 1.2.0Stefan SchmidtResolved
MinorImprovementROO-2764Add clear() method to org.springframework.roo.addon.layers.repository.jpa.RooRepositoryJpa;Stefan SchmidtResolved
MinorImprovementROO-2765Update Roo and Roo-generated project dependency versionsAlan StewartResolved
MinorImprovementROO-2766Make immutableAndrew SwanResolved
MinorImprovementROO-2767Make Roo more flexible so it can be used alongside non-Maven projectsJames TyrrellResolved
MinorImprovementROO-2768DataOnDemand lookup from IntegrationTestMetadataProvider is too rigidJames TyrrellResolved
MinorImprovementROO-2769Make Roo handle type level refactoring betterJames TyrrellResolved
MinorTaskROO-2770Remove PathResolver from ProjectMetadataJames TyrrellResolved
MinorBugROO-2771A package-less type leads to a JavaType with an invalid JavaPackageJames TyrrellResolved
MinorTaskROO-2778Some unit tests are skipped when executing "mvn test"Alan StewartResolved
MinorBugROO-2779JavaTypeTest is incorrectJames TyrrellResolved
MinorImprovementROO-2780Add the ability to specify a type's enclosing type explicitly in JavaTypeJames TyrrellResolved
MinorImprovementROO-2781Add PowerMock library to allow mocking of static methods by Roo's own unit testsAndrew SwanResolved
MinorImprovementROO-2782Service layer should use Collection return types rather than List to more flexibly accomodate external add-onsStefan SchmidtResolved
MinorBugROO-2784Support for both MongoDB and a relational datasource at the same timeStefan SchmidtResolved
MinorBugROO-2789Push-in refactor of the Mongo Id field does not remove the getter and setter methods from the Mongo ITDAlan StewartResolved
MinorBugROO-2792Push-in refactor of the @Repository annotation does not remove the same annotation from the Mongo Repository ITDAlan StewartResolved
MinorBugROO-2794Empty file - 'compilation unit' - genarates an apparent error messageAlan StewartResolved
MinorImprovementROO-2796Provide limited support for negative attributes in JSR303 annotationsAlan StewartResolved
MinorBugROO-2798Domain-to-string converter not registered if pushed inStefan SchmidtResolved
MinorBugROO-2799gwt 2.4 upgrade fails due to Request Factory new validation systemJames TyrrellResolved
MinorBugROO-2800pizzashop.roo script no longer works with latest snapshotsAndrew SwanResolved
MinorImprovementROO-2803Create add-on for displaying a pretty-print representation of a classAlan StewartResolved
MinorBugROO-2806"controller class" command uses incorrect view name when "preferredMapping" contains uppercase charactersAndrew SwanResolved
MinorImprovementROO-2811Maven Dependencies ImprovementsAlan StewartResolved
MinorImprovementROO-2813Create Roo 1.2-compatible add-on for generating equals and hashCode methodsAlan StewartResolved
MinorBugROO-2814Stack overflow error when certain @Roo annotations exist together on a class with no fieldsAndrew SwanResolved
MinorImprovementROO-2815Create script to demonstrate embedding optionsAndrew SwanResolved
MinorBugROO-2817Error upon adding @RooSolrWebSearchable to MVC controllerAlan StewartResolved
MinorBugROO-2819Tiles view definitions not deleted when create or update are disabled in controllerAndrew SwanResolved
MinorBugROO-2824Creating an application under JDK 7 causes problems for AspectJ maven pluginAlan StewartResolved
MinorImprovementROO-2826Create wrapper for Java Preferences APIAndrew SwanResolved
MinorBugROO-2827'hint' continues to prompt for 'jpa setup' after 'mongo setup'Alan StewartResolved
MinorBugROO-2830Embedded Scribd documents never finish loadingAndrew SwanResolved
MinorImprovementROO-2831Change Livestream widget to use latest embedding tagsAndrew SwanResolved
MinorBugROO-2832Footer missing from embedded video pagesAndrew SwanResolved
MinorBugROO-2834Can't embed Screenr videosAndrew SwanResolved
MinorBugROO-2840Integration test ITD not updated when entity's plural changesAndrew SwanResolved
MinorBugROO-2845Metadata identification string is null when reverse engineering a databaseAndrew SwanResolved
MinorBugROO-2846NPE starting Roo when subdirectory contains non-module POMAndrew SwanResolved
MinorBugROO-2847NPE in JLineShellComponent when starting Roo with no wired or wireless networkAlan StewartResolved
MinorBugROO-2851NPE creating a project in a directory with only non-root POMsAndrew SwanResolved
MinorBugROO-2856Vote application broken since multi-module maven changesAlan StewartResolved
MinorImprovementROO-2859Update wrapped Protocol Buffers to 2.4.1 (both lite and full versions)Ben AlexResolved
MinorImprovementROO-2865PhysicalTypeMetadata should extend MemberHoldingTypeDetailsMetadataItem<ClassOrInterfaceTypeDetails>Andrew SwanResolved
MinorBugROO-2866GAE-specific version of gwt-maven-plugin is not added when GAE is selected as databaseAlan StewartResolved
MinorBugROO-2872String index out of range -1 when launching roo from a non empty directoryAlan StewartResolved
MinorBugROO-2876Eclipse build error for generated simple/advanced/i18n addonsAndrew SwanResolved
MinorSub-taskROO-2880Don't create paths that don't apply to the Maven packaging typeAndrew SwanResolved
MinorBugROO-2881Abstract tag is not honored by GWT scaffolding process.Alan StewartResolved
MinorImprovementROO-2885Enhance addon-tostring to use a commons-lang builder and remove addon-displaystringAlan StewartResolved
MinorBugROO-2886String index out of range: Exception when executing scaffolding process in Roo GWT for a "set" fieldAndrew SwanResolved
MinorBugROO-2888Problem with -ActiveRecord false in roo-gwtAlan StewartResolved
MinorSub-taskROO-2890Update multimodule.roo to exercise all multi-module featuresAndrew SwanResolved
MinorBugROO-2891Repository JPA ITD not refreshed when there is a change to the domain type's identifier typeAlan StewartResolved
MinorBugROO-2892Repository Mongo ITD not refreshed when there is a change to the domain type's identifier typeAlan StewartResolved
MinorBugROO-2895MVC forms should not display serialVersionUID field for composite primary key classesAlan StewartResolved
MinorBugROO-2899One Dependency constructor ignores specified DependencyTypeAndrew SwanResolved
MinorBugROO-2900In XxxBean_Roo_ManagedBean.aj, the completeYyy(java.lang.String query) method calls EntityManager#toStringAlan StewartResolved
MinorBugROO-2902Spurious text in GWT UI when entity has only a Set fieldAlan StewartResolved
MinorBugROO-2907DBRE should not consider MySQL table called 'SEQUENCE'Alan StewartResolved
MinorBugROO-2909Creating a wrapper addon causes exception in Roo shellAndrew SwanResolved
MinorBugROO-2910Roo uses the wrong EclipseLink RepositoryAndrew SwanResolved
MinorImprovementROO-2912Update various database, ORM provider, and Selenium dependency versions, part 2Alan StewartResolved
MinorBugROO-2914GWT Scaffold against multi-module roo project switches module focus to project with entityAlan StewartResolved
MinorImprovementROO-2917Change GWT gin dependency to official Google uploaded version Alan StewartResolved
MinorBugROO-2918Unknown character property name {r} near index 4 when executing expenses.roo in WindowsAlan StewartResolved
MinorTaskROO-2919Upgrade aspectj-maven-plugin to 1.4Alan StewartResolved
MinorBugROO-2920Selenium test generation brokenAlan StewartResolved
MinorBugROO-2923DBRE does not respect paths in a multi-module projectAlan StewartResolved
MinorTaskROO-2927Release Spring Roo 1.2.0.RC1Alan StewartResolved
TrivialImprovementROO-2776JSON Add-on cUrl example missingStefan SchmidtResolved
TrivialImprovementROO-2805When using OpenJPA as a provider with a DB2_400 datasource, the openjpa.jdbc.SynchronizeMappings property should be set to "validate" by default rather than "buildSchema"Alan StewartResolved
TrivialImprovementROO-2812Make output of "metadata" commands more readableAndrew SwanResolved
TrivialImprovementROO-2828Correct SVN repository references in documentationStefan SchmidtResolved
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