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Version 2.0.0.RC3


Start: 31/Aug/17

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BlockerBugROO-3949ONE_TO_MANY relationship throws an error in drop downs in web uiJuan Carlos García del CantoOpen
CriticalImprovementROO-3938NPE on Map entity property Jose Manuel Vivó ( Chema ) - DISID.Resolved
CriticalImprovementROO-3942If I want to use Roo 2.0.0 features and in same time want to make reverse engineering for DB2 Juan Carlos García del CantoOpen
CriticalBugROO-3950Optimistic concurrency control fails during Integer comparisonJuan Carlos García del CantoOpen
MajorBugROO-3934Error generating Thymeleaf integration test on entity with OneToOne CompositionJose Manuel Vivó ( Chema ) - DISID.Resolved
MajorBugROO-3935northwind sample - mvn tomcat:run - java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/apache/commons/logging/LogFactoryJuan Carlos García del CantoOpen
MajorImprovementROO-3937Error Generating Thymeleaft IT test when missing entity servicesJose Manuel Vivó ( Chema ) - DISID.Resolved
MajorBugROO-3940ServiceImpl generates @Autowired constructor when it's already one definedJose Manuel Vivó ( Chema ) - DISID.Resolved
MajorBugROO-3943finder add command not working on 2.0.0.RC2, works ok on older version 1.3Juan Carlos García del CantoOpen
MajorBugROO-3948Pom.xml properties not definedJuan Carlos García del CantoOpen
MinorImprovementROO-3941Avoid creation of @Autowired constructors for JSON and THYMELEAF controllers when there is already one in .javaJose Manuel Vivó ( Chema ) - DISID.Resolved
MinorBugROO-3944petclinic example list pages throw error when using the mvn packaged jarJuan Carlos García del CantoOpen
MinorBugROO-3946JsonMixin problems when entity is parametrizedJose Manuel Vivó ( Chema ) - DISID.Resolved
MinorImprovementROO-3947Ignore static properties in toString() generationJose Manuel Vivó ( Chema ) - DISID.Resolved
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