Version 1.0.1


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Release Notes

CriticalNew FeatureSESURF-11Separation of Surf data layer for integration into Spring Roo addonKevin RoastOpen
CriticalBugSESURF-101Customization module dependency JS files are not loaded if there is not also a CSS file listedDave DraperResolved
MajorNew FeatureSESURF-1Web Script Addon for Spring RooYong QuOpen
MajorNew FeatureSESURF-2Spring Roo Commands for Surf installation/removal and bundles within Spring MVC applicationYong QuOpen
MajorNew FeatureSESURF-4Spring Roo commands for Surf pagesYong QuOpen
MajorNew FeatureSESURF-5Spring Roo commands for Surf page associationsYong QuOpen
MajorNew FeatureSESURF-6Spring Roo commands for Surf componentsYong QuOpen
MajorNew FeatureSESURF-7Spring Roo commands for Surf template instancesYong QuOpen
MajorNew FeatureSESURF-8Spring Roo commands for Surf content associationsYong QuOpen
MajorNew FeatureSESURF-9Spring Roo commands for Surf templatesYong QuOpen
MajorNew FeatureSESURF-10Spring Roo convenience commands for Spring SurfYong QuOpen
MajorNew FeatureSESURF-12Standalone SurfServer for integration useKevin RoastOpen
MajorImprovementSESURF-33Additional integration tests to validate debug handling for missing elements in dispatching pathsKevin RoastOpen
MajorBugSESURF-42query parameters are not available if POST content-type is multipart/form-dataKevin RoastOpen
MajorNew FeatureSESURF-56Surf Roo Commands using Surf APIsYong QuOpen
MajorNew FeatureSESURF-67Portlet MVC integration for Spring Surf component model objectsKevin RoastOpen
MajorNew FeatureSESURF-68Portlet MVC integration for Spring Surf page regionsKevin RoastOpen
MajorBugSESURF-77SpringSurf Roo addon introduces out-dated dependencies Kevin RoastOpen
MajorRefactoringSESURF-86All Eclipse extensions use non standard Maven project layout to adopt Eclipse conventionsYong QuOpen
MinorBugSESURF-98RemoteClient does not set the correct content length of urlencoded POST dataKevin RoastResolved
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