Version 1.0.0.M2


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Released: 13/Jun/12

Release Notes

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CriticalBugSHDP-38HBaseConfigurationFactoryBean returns Wrong TypeCostin LeauResolved
MajorNew FeatureSHDP-34Support property replacement of Spring Batch Job Parameters in Script Tasklet and all Job TypesCostin LeauResolved
MajorNew FeatureSHDP-43Add configuration support for hftp, hsftp and webhdfsCostin LeauResolved
MajorNew FeatureSHDP-46Template for HBase Data AccessCostin LeauResolved
MajorNew FeatureSHDP-54expose jar/lib jar for Job/Streaming tasksCostin LeauResolved
MajorBugSHDP-74generic options namespace attributes not parsed properlyCostin LeauResolved
MinorTaskSHDP-40Change JobRunner not to be a factory bean and introduce return status object on runJob method.Jarred LiResolved
MinorNew FeatureSHDP-41Create HadoopJobDetailBean to simplify scheduling of hadoop jobs with quartzJarred LiResolved
MinorTaskSHDP-42Remove use of business-schema files when boostrapping spring-batch-admin in wordcount batch-admin exampleJarred LiResolved
MinorNew FeatureSHDP-44Move HBase branch with HBaseTemplate into master branchCostin LeauResolved
MinorBugSHDP-45spurious IOException when using <hadoop:configuration resources>Costin LeauResolved
MinorNew FeatureSHDP-47Move PathUtils utility class from samples into core projectJarred LiResolved
MinorImprovementSHDP-49expose jar/lib jar on Tool namespaceCostin LeauResolved
MinorTaskSHDP-51Add to help docs the 'howto' moving from a series of hadoop shell invocations to a workflow.Costin LeauResolved
MinorSub-taskSHDP-52batch job params support for MR tasksCostin LeauResolved
MinorSub-taskSHDP-53batch job params support for scripting tasksCostin LeauResolved
MinorNew FeatureSHDP-59Create spring-hadoop-admin repository and template projectJarred LiResolved
MinorNew FeatureSHDP-60Create CLI for calling REST API of spring hadoop adminJarred LiResolved
MinorImprovementSHDP-62PathUtils should be improved to support path templatesJarred LiResolved
MinorNew FeatureSHDP-73add user impersonation for MR componentsCostin LeauResolved
MinorBugSHDP-75PathUtilsTest doesn't pass on windowsJarred LiResolved
MinorImprovementSHDP-77hadoop script should have its own configuration setupCostin LeauResolved
MinorBugSHDP-78HBase configuration seems to get lost when passing it in a jobCostin LeauResolved
MinorImprovementSHDP-79genericOption namespace should allow comma-separated valuesCostin LeauResolved
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