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BlockerSub-taskSLICE-3Create projectnebhaleDone
CriticalDefectSLICE-26Missing maven depdendencies for web and corenebhaleDone
MinorTaskSLICE-1Create Project on jira.springsource.orgUnassignedDone
MinorSub-taskSLICE-2Port over Agile schemes and type from issuetrackernebhaleDone
MinorStorySLICE-4As a user, I'd like to be able to start a slices application packaged in a single JAR at the command line.UnassignedDone
MinorStorySLICE-5As a user, I'd like to be able to start a slices application packaged in a single WAR in a servlet container.UnassignedDone
MinorSub-taskSLICE-6Create bootstrapping main method that creates classloader from contained JARsnebhaleDone
MinorSub-taskSLICE-7Scan JARs for slices and startnebhaleDone
MinorSub-taskSLICE-8Create context loader that scans for notable JARs and starts themnebhaleDone
MinorTaskSLICE-9Create a scanner that detects Spring-based slices and creates an ApplicationContext for them.UnassignedDone
MinorSub-taskSLICE-10Create Spring-based appication detectornebhaleDone
MinorSub-taskSLICE-11Create Spring-based application startednebhaleDone
MinorStorySLICE-12As a user, I'd like an example of creating a command-line slices app using MavenUnassignedDone
MinorStorySLICE-13As a user, I'd like an example of creating a command-line slices app using ANTUnassignedDone
MinorStorySLICE-14As a user, I'd like an example of creating a web-based slices app using MavenUnassignedDone
MinorStorySLICE-15As a user, I'd like an example of creating a web-based slices app using ANTUnassignedDone
MinorSub-taskSLICE-16Create sample applicationnebhaleDone
MinorSub-taskSLICE-17Create sample applicationnebhaleDone
MinorSub-taskSLICE-18Create sample applicationnebhaleDone
MinorSub-taskSLICE-19Create sample applicationnebhaleDone
MinorStorySLICE-20As a user, I'd like to be able to start slices from the command lineUnassignedDone
MinorSub-taskSLICE-21Create packaged build with all needed JAR filesnebhaleDone
MinorSub-taskSLICE-22Create windows scriptsnebhaleDone
MinorSub-taskSLICE-23Create UNIX scriptsnebhaleDone
MinorTaskSLICE-24Tidy up Maven commandline sample and make it nicer to use in STSUnassignedDone
MinorSub-taskSLICE-25Apply PatchesnebhaleDone
MinorTaskSLICE-27Start and stop each slice on a separate threadUnassignedDone
MinorStorySLICE-28As a user, I'd like to be able to publish a service for consumption by other ApplicationContexts within a Slice applicationUnassignedDone
MinorStorySLICE-29As a user, I'd like to be able to consume a service for provided by other ApplicationContexts within a Slice applicationUnassignedDone
MinorTaskSLICE-30Create a schema that is a strict subset of the OSGi blueprint schemaUnassignedDone
MinorSub-taskSLICE-33Start on threadsnebhaleDone
MinorSub-taskSLICE-34Stop on threadsnebhaleDone
MinorSub-taskSLICE-35Create schemanebhaleDone
MinorSub-taskSLICE-36Accept an object and store it for later retrievalnebhaleDone
MinorSub-taskSLICE-37Accept an object with a collection of interfaces that it will be selectable bynebhaleDone
MinorTaskSLICE-40Create a facility to retrieve service registryUnassignedDone
MinorTaskSLICE-41Update sample applications to export service to service registryUnassignedDone
MinorSub-taskSLICE-42Create FactoryBeannebhaleDone
MinorSub-taskSLICE-43Create facility to retrieve service registrynebhaleDone
MinorSub-taskSLICE-44Update commandline-antnebhaleDone
MinorSub-taskSLICE-45Update commandline-mavennebhaleDone
MinorSub-taskSLICE-46Update webapplication-antnebhaleDone
MinorSub-taskSLICE-47Update webapplication-mavennebhaleDone
MinorSub-taskSLICE-50Retrieve an object from service registrynebhaleDone
MinorSub-taskSLICE-51Retrieve a service from the service registry based on multiple interfacesnebhaleDone
MinorSub-taskSLICE-52Create FactoryBeannebhaleDone
MinorTaskSLICE-60Add Maven Central POMs to Slices ProjectsUnassignedDone
MinorStorySLICE-61As a user, I'd slices to bootstrap without expanding the individual slice JARsUnassignedDone
MinorStorySLICE-62As a developer, I'd like slices to find SlicePersonalities on it's classpath and instantiate themUnassignedDone
MinorSub-taskSLICE-63Create a BeanFactoryPostProcessor that resolves the service dependency graph and updates bean definitions with proper linkagesnebhaleDone
MinorStorySLICE-64As a user I'd like to use a slices namespace to configure my service exports and referencesUnassignedDone
MinorSub-taskSLICE-65Update FileSystem to have a ZipFile based FileSystem and FileSystemEntrynebhaleDone
MinorSub-taskSLICE-66Configure Service ExportsnebhaleDone
MinorSub-taskSLICE-67Configure Service ReferencesnebhaleDone
MinorSub-taskSLICE-68Update samplesnebhaleDone
MinorSub-taskSLICE-69Create ClassPathScannernebhaleDone
MinorSub-taskSLICE-70Create Factory that uses classpath scannernebhaleDone
MinorSub-taskSLICE-71Add POMsnebhaleDone
MinorTaskSLICE-84Improve Sonar ResultsUnassignedDone
MinorStorySLICE-85As a developer, I'd like to be able to specify ordering when exporting a service. This order would be use during resolution of a single or collection of services.UnassignedDone
MinorStorySLICE-86As a user I'd like to be able to reference collections of servicesUnassignedTo Do
MinorStorySLICE-87As a user I'd like to be able to explicitly specify the name(s) a service is exported atUnassignedDone
MinorTaskSLICE-88Service registry should allow multiple services of the same name that are ordered based on the same criteria as typesUnassignedDone
MinorTaskSLICE-89Service ids should be assigned in a completely reproducible mannerUnassignedDone
MinorSub-taskSLICE-90Improve ViolationsnebhaleDone
MinorSub-taskSLICE-91Improve test coveragenebhaleDone
MinorSub-taskSLICE-92Improve javadocsnebhaleDone
MinorStorySLICE-93As a user, I'd like to be able to reference a service as a standalone beanUnassignedIn Progress
MinorStorySLICE-94As a user, I'd like to be able to reference a service as a propertyUnassignedDone
MinorSub-taskSLICE-95Guarantee ordering of exported services within an ApplicationContextnebhaleDone
MinorSub-taskSLICE-96Guarantee ordering of exported services between ApplicationContextsnebhaleDone
MinorTaskSLICE-97Proper depends on relationships should be created when depedencies between exporters and importers happen within the same ApplicationContextUnassignedTo Do
MinorSub-taskSLICE-98Sort based on order argumentnebhaleDone
MinorSub-taskSLICE-99Allow user to specify order argument in XMLnebhaleDone
MinorTaskSLICE-100Change the name of the ca tag to constructor-arg upon completion of SPR-7218UnassignedDone
MinorSub-taskSLICE-101Specify names in XMLnebhaleDone
MinorSub-taskSLICE-102Use specified names instead of default namesnebhaleDone
MinorSub-taskSLICE-103Allow XML property declarationnebhaleDone
MinorSub-taskSLICE-104Create property namespace handlernebhaleDone
MinorSub-taskSLICE-105Allow XML Property declarationnebhaleTo Do
MinorSub-taskSLICE-106Create Property Namespace handlernebhaleTo Do
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