Per, Twitter is due to release version 1.1 of their API very soon. When that happens, the 1.0 API will be deprecated for 6 months before being removed.

      The key things that will need to be addressed:

      • Change the base endpoint URL to reference version 1.1. Although the details for this have not been released, there is some indication that it may be the same base URL as version 1.0, only with "1.1" in the URL instead of "1".
      • All endpoints will require authentication. Aside from enforcing this on every API binding method, this also means that it will no longer make any sense to offer a TwitterTemplate with a default constructor.
      • All endpoints will have rate limiting imposed. This may not have any direct impact on the API, but I'll want to keep an eye on how RateLimitStatus is populated to make sure it's compatible with 1.1.

      In addition, all endpoints should be reviewed to ensure accuracy and completeness with the API binding.

      Note that this issue is associated with both Spring Social Twitter versions 1.0.3 and 1.1.0. If 1.1.0.RELEASE is pushed prior to the 6 month deprecation window closing, then version 1.0.3 won't be necessary and Spring Social 1.0.x users can still use Twitter's 1.0 API; and encouraged to use Spring Social 1.1.x for Twitter 1.1 compatibility.




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