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Debugging difficulties in AspectJ LTW @Transactional methods



      Since 3.2.2, debugging @Transactional methods weaved with AspectJ is complicated (some might say "not possible").

      In version 3.2.2 AbstractTransactionAspect.aj was modified to use @around advice instead of the combination of @before and @after.

      After this change I cannot "Step Into" a @Transactional methods and then inside it, "Step Over" line by line.
      In Netbeans - this is the main IDE I use, it is possible to "Step Into" the method, but it is not possible to "Step Over" line by line inside the method.
      In Eclipse, if you to add a break point inside the method it is possible to step by step inside it, but
      for both, it is a problem, when the method ends, instead of getting back to the code that called this method, the debugger takes me to internal AOP/AspectJ classes.

      I'm tried different versions of AspectJ, 1.7.0, 1.7.1 and 1.7.2, for all of them the result is the same.

      Added a test project:

      1. Put a break point at line 28, XmlConfigTests.java
      2. Start XmlConfigTests in debug mode.
      3. Step into saveTestData method and there try go line by line.
      Then try the same with an older version of Spring for example 3.2.1.




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