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High percent of failures (timeout) under load from server-side WebClient requests


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    • Affects Version/s: 5.0 RC1, 5.0 RC2, 5.0 RC3
    • Fix Version/s: 5.0 RC4
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      I just test by sample PoC project some blocking / non blocking solutions in simple common scenario.


      • There are rest blocking endpoint which is quite slow - each request tooks 200 ms.
      • There are other - client application, which call this slow endpoint.
        I have tested current (blocking) Spring boot client (tomcat), Spring Boot 2.0 (netty) with WebFlux - WebClient, Ratpack and Lagom. In each cases I have stressed client application by gatling test simple scenario (100-1000 users / second).

      I have tested ratpack and lagom as reference non blocking io servers to compare results to spring boot (blocking and non blocking).

      In all cases i have results as expected, except spring boot 2.0 test. Its working only for small load levels but even then with high latency. If load level rises up - all requests are time outed.
      (see attachments)

      WebClient usage :

      public class NonBlockingClientController {
          private WebClient client = WebClient.create("http://localhost:9000");
          public Mono<String> getData() {
              return client.get()
                      .flatMap(clientResponse -> clientResponse.bodyToMono(String.class));

      I have no idea what goes wrong or current M1 version just working that.

      All sources published at https://github.com/rutkowskij/blocking-non-blocking-poc

      blocking-service - slow blocking endpoint
      non-blocking-client - Spring Boot 2.0M1 and WebClient based client

      I have asked for this problem on


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