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Initial GraalVM native images (Substrate VM) support


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      We have began to work with Dave Syer on improving support for running Spring Framework based application as native images via Substrate VM from GraalVM project.

      Oracle is currently working on improving support for Spring based on our feedback, so this issue is mainly intended to track those efforts, but also to track fine tuning we could do to improve Spring Framework support for such platform.

      Since Spring relies on reflection and proxies, these documents are worth to read:

      It has been possible to run a minimal WebFlux.fn + Netty application successfully using functional bean registration, see this Spring Fu issue for more details. Startup time as native image is very fast (30 ms). The self-sufficient executable size is 50 MB and the resident memory is 35 MB.

      In parallel to this work, we are also trying to get regular Spring Framework / Boot applications working and to identify how much configuration will be needed (for now we generate it manually). Latest pending issue is being able to run ConversionService, see graal#507 for more details.


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