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Double EL expression evaluation in JSP MessageTag


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      I think that, spring's MessageTag contains a fairly serious security vulnerability.
      'Arguments' attribute is internally evaluated in MessageTag using ExpressionEvaluationUtils. If we are using JSP 2.0 then el expressions are potentially evaluated twice: first by JSP engine, second by MessageTag. This can lead to el expression injection (something similar to sql injection).
      Consider the following example:

      In message bundle we have message:


      on our home page!

      In JSP we use MessageTag to print this message with user name applied as argument:
      <spring:message code="msg,welcome" arguments="${userBean.firstName}"/>

      If malicious user supplies an el expressions instead of his first name, he can gain access to sensitive data.
      For example, he can enter ${initParam.someParam} and gain access to init parameters defined in web.xml.
      Through ${pageContext.servletContext.applicationContext} he can discover server type and some internal server configuration.
      Potentially he can discover some other sensitive data accessible by EL expressions.
      Additionally EL expressions are not escaped by spring's HtmlUtil.escapeHtml(...).

      I think that there should be a way to completely disable EL expression evaluation in MessageTag, because it is not needed when using JSP 2.0 (with builtin el evaluation).




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