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      The recommended way to develop REST-style webservices is the usage of @ResponseBody annotation and HttpMessageConverter instead of generating a model and a view (ContentNegotiatingViewResolver etc.).
      But there are some limitations, that make things hard to handle:

      • ExceptionResolver support
        • @RequestBody is only supported with @ExceptionHandler annotation. I need a centralized exception handling to generate a special error object as the return value. So I must wrote a method in each controller class to delegate to the centralized exception handler. I think the ExceptionResolver-interface is more like an AOP-approach, with no glue code.
        • ExceptionResolver also have some nice standard implementations like SimpleMappingExceptionResolver, where I can handle the returned HTTP status code very easy. This is also not supported by @ExceptionHandler out of the box
      • 'useNotAcceptableStatusCode' from ContentNegotiatingViewResolver (so for some features, I must also configure view-handling)
        • simple and easy to use attribute to enable NOT_ACCEPTABLE Http Status code
      • missing option for enabling global @ResponseBody-like handling instead of annotate all methods (e.g. in AnnotationMethodHandlerAdapter)

      I also would recommend the full HttpMessageConverter way (@RequestBody & @ResponseBody) without view handling, so it would be nice, if @ResponseBody has fewer limitations. Additionaly it would be great, if the documentation have some notes about the recommended way for webservice-only REST-style applications (with hints to the limitations above)


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