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@PathVariable and @ModelAttribute incompatibility prevent me from having a nice "update" handler


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      Spring MVC examples often refer to the creation of an entity using @ModelAttribute.

      A common pattern is to update an existing entity.
      Generally you want to load the existing entity and then apply on it the allowed fields.

      In my controller I have an handler for showing an entity, one for creating a new one...
      here are their signature:


      public String show(@PathVariable("pk") Account account, Model model)

      @RequestMapping(value = "create", method = RequestMethod.POST)
      public String create(@Valid Account account, BindingResult bindingResult, Model model)

      Now, of course I need a handler, as nice as the one above to update the entity.
      Here it is:

      @RequestMapping(value = "update/{pk}

      ", method =

      { RequestMethod.PUT, RequestMethod.POST }

      public String update(@Valid @PathVariable("pk") Account account, BindingResult bindingResult, Model model);

      The handler above is not accepted by SPring MVC, however I think it should! Here is what I would expect:
      1/ convert the pk to the Account entity using the corresponding Parser (it works for "show" handler above...)
      2/ Once converted, since the account is placed just before the bindingResult, it should be used to bind the request parameters that is to update directly the entity.
      3/Once updated, it should perform the validation.

      Note: I am confident in updating directly the entity as I know I can restrict the allowed fields thanks to an InitBinder.

      The code above throw an exception:
      org.springframework.web.bind.annotation.support.HandlerMethodInvocationException: Failed to invoke handler method [public java.lang.String fr.nnn.web.controller.AccountController.update(fr.nnn.domain.Account,org.springframework.validation.BindingResult,java.lang.Boolean,java.lang.Boolean,org.springframework.ui.Model)]; nested exception is java.lang.IllegalStateException: Errors/BindingResult argument declared without preceding model attribute. Check your handler method signature!

      I tried to add the @ModelAttribute("account") annotation after @PathVariable("pk") but then another exception is thrown... stating that I cannot use both annotations at the same time.

      Am I missing something or do you agree it would be a nice feature?


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