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Proposition of a annotation for testing performance oriented sql


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      It would be nice if the Spring TestContext Framework provided support for performance tests oriented sql.
      It is well know that some ORM in the hands of novice developer can produce methods in dao that will generate against with real datas a lot of queries.

      Actually it is possible but it is done programmatically,(start, call Mydao, stop and count...) so a lot of copy/paste is done.

      This performance testing need is more a cross-cutting concern.
      It will even able to reuse previous tess done for example againts legacy database dumped from the production.

      The annotation will prevent the arise of thoses issues by limiting the numbers of jdbc queries made by a specific test and will help new developers to spot more quickly any performance degradation newly introduced.

      Proposed Annotation Names


      Code Examples

      public void testFindPersonsByName() throws Exception{



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