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Reduce log level for message re: missing annotation


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    • Affects Version/s: 3.1.1
    • Fix Version/s: 3.2 M1
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      Since 3.1.1 the AbstractRecursiveAnnotationVisitor logs a warning when annotation class could not be loaded (see AbstractRecursiveAnnotationVisitor#logNonFatalException). Until 3.1.0 any Exception was catched without any message. I agree to log this but IMO this should be a debug log message. Annotations (even if RetentionPolicy.RUNTIME) may or may not be available at run-time. See also Java Language Specification: Retention

      Annotations may be present only in the source code, or they may be present in the binary form of a class or interface. An annotation that is present in the binary may or may not be available at run-time via the reflective libraries of the Java platform.

      So there is nothing wrong about getting a ClassNotFoundException regarding annotations.

      I suggest to change the log level to debug or (IMO better) to catch ClassNotFoundException -> logger.debug(...) because it's legitimate and any other Exception -> logger.warn(...).

      Background: We currently use jsr305 with @javax.annotation.Nonnull and @javax.annotation.Nullable doing some code analyses during builds. At run-time these annotations are no longer available/needed and we get tons of warnings "Failed to classload type while reading annotation metadata. This is a non-fatal error, but certain annotation metadata may be unavailable.". Of course, it's not a problem to workaround this: we can include jsr305 or change log level in config of this logger but IMO I should not get a warning when everything is like expected and JLS-compliant.


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