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MajorNew FeatureSPRNET-569Add Windows Workflow integration moduleErich EichingerOpen
MajorNew FeatureSPRNET-652Add DI support for less common providers then membership, role, profile and sitemapErich EichingerOpen
MajorNew FeatureSPRNET-737Make Spring's core libraries ready for running under medium trustMark PollackResolved
MajorNew FeatureSPRNET-817Add IServiceProvider adapter for ApplicationContext to better support migration/integration scenariosMark PollackOpen
MajorNew FeatureSPRNET-1175Add Spring Acegi-like Security featuresMark PollackOpen
MajorNew FeatureSPRNET-1255AOP on NHibernate proxies generated by SpringMark PollackOpen
MajorBugSPRNET-1434Using the HibernateTxScopeTransactionManager, Creating a New Spring Transaction While in an Existing Transaction Scope Created By A WCF Service Throws An ErrorSteve BohlenOpen
MajorImprovementSPRNET-1453AbstactPlatformTransactionManager does not properly handle certain nested transaction use-casesSteve BohlenOpen
MajorBugSPRNET-1466Transaction rollback causes Nhibernate session to be closed with OSIVSteve BohlenOpen
MajorBugSPRNET-1555Web context doesn't fail fast on first requestSteve BohlenOpen
MajorBugSPRNET-1568HibernateTransactionManager does not honor the transaction timeoutSteve BohlenOpen
MinorNew FeatureSPRNET-133Resource support inside xml configuration fileMark PollackOpen
MinorNew FeatureSPRNET-141Customize and doc remoting in windows service 'uber-daemon'Mark PollackResolved
MinorImprovementSPRNET-184Improved cflow pointcut for .NET 2.0Aleksandar SeovicOpen
MinorImprovementSPRNET-206Improved integration test coverage for Spring.ServicesAleksandar SeovicOpen
MinorTaskSPRNET-219Software Factory as high level guide to usage, sample apps, and vs.net extensibilityErich EichingerResolved
MinorTaskSPRNET-235Improve test coverage for Spring.Services.Remoting namespaceBruno BaiaOpen
MinorImprovementSPRNET-257Add Method Injection support for propertiesUnassignedOpen
MinorNew FeatureSPRNET-272Implement WebFlowAleksandar SeovicOpen
MinorNew FeatureSPRNET-286Improve IIOP.NET integrationAleksandar SeovicResolved
MinorNew FeatureSPRNET-287Implement Borland Janeva integrationAleksandar SeovicResolved
MinorImprovementSPRNET-288Spring.NET with Db4o integrationMark PollackResolved
MinorNew FeatureSPRNET-316IBatis integrationMark PollackOpen
MinorTaskSPRNET-396Implement custom configuration schema for exporters and client-side proxy factories in Spring.ServicesBruno BaiaOpen
MinorTaskSPRNET-401Show use case of strategy/command pattern usage to create/set objects parameters at runtime.Mark PollackOpen
MinorTaskSPRNET-458Create "How To" section in reference documentationMark PollackOpen
MinorImprovementSPRNET-491Update reference documentation on web as part of nightly buildMark PollackOpen
MinorNew FeatureSPRNET-519Support for encrypted XML config files in .NET 2.0Mark PollackOpen
MinorNew FeatureSPRNET-550Custom schema for WebService ExporterBruno BaiaOpen
MinorNew FeatureSPRNET-657Add support for Gentle.NETMark PollackClosed
MinorNew FeatureSPRNET-792Consider using SpEL to provide greater ease of use in configuring db parameters akin to ibatis.net style functionality.Mark PollackOpen
MinorTaskSPRNET-813checkout CheckSharp sourcecode validator for use w/ Spring.NETMark PollackOpen
MinorImprovementSPRNET-837TypedDataSetUtils - check that the connection in the typedDataSet isn't already open, if it is throw exception.Mark PollackOpen
MinorNew FeatureSPRNET-839Add Synchronization Aspect for mixing different Data Access strategiesMark PollackOpen
MinorImprovementSPRNET-934Provide warnings when wiring up incompatible web scopes, i.e. application scope object depends on request scope object..Mark PollackOpen
MinorImprovementSPRNET-968AOP documentation improvementsRuss MilesOpen
MinorImprovementSPRNET-973Document how to mix ado.net based and nhibernate based operations within the service tierMark PollackOpen
MinorTaskSPRNET-983Show use of AbstractTransactionalSpringContextTests in NHibernate sample application and reference documentationMark PollackOpen
MinorNew FeatureSPRNET-1011Investigate adding DataSet related methods that handle conflict options to a more DataSet specific AdoTemplate subclass.Mark PollackOpen
MinorImprovementSPRNET-1120Expose "AllowObjectDefinitionOverriding" to be easily configurable in ApplicationContext both programmatically and declaratively in XML.Mark PollackOpen
MinorBugSPRNET-1147WebServiceProxyFactory does not support WSDL's nillable attributeBruno BaiaOpen
MinorTaskSPRNET-1241Remove 'TODO' comments in code and create JIRA issue for them if needed.Mark PollackOpen
MinorTaskSPRNET-1244Implement MessageQueueResourceSynchronization to provide best attempt sync of MessageQueueTransaction with another local transaction commit.Mark PollackOpen
MinorImprovementSPRNET-1245enable cross-AppDomain proxy serialization/deserializationMark PollackOpen
MinorImprovementSPRNET-1246Show DI for NHibernate managed objects in NHibernate example applicationMarko LahmaOpen
MinorImprovementSPRNET-1282Provide alternative to static to retrieve transaction status to support unit testing.Mark PollackOpen
MinorTaskSPRNET-1333Deprecate impl of IEventRegistry with more POJO 'PRISM/SI.NET' style implementationMark PollackOpen
MinorImprovementSPRNET-1344Devise system-neutral manner of configuring environment to execute integration testsSteve BohlenClosed
MinorTaskSPRNET-1347Provide Updated NHibernate Bytecode Provider for distro with NHibernateSteve BohlenResolved
MinorNew FeatureSPRNET-1348Explore SQL Azure SupportSteve BohlenOpen
MinorNew FeatureSPRNET-1349Explore Azure Queues Messaging SupportSteve BohlenOpen
MinorTaskSPRNET-1350Investigate compatibility with Windows AzureSteve BohlenOpen
MinorBugSPRNET-1495double parsing for constructor-arg is culture sensitiveSteve BohlenOpen
MinorNew FeatureSPRNET-1515Add Support for SqlFire (Beta) to ADO.NET DbProvider targetsSteve BohlenOpen
MinorNew FeatureSPRNET-1523Possibility to define default-init-method and default-destroy-method method via <objects> root elementSteve BohlenOpen
MinorBugSPRNET-1528Expressions Do Not Resolve As ExpectedSteve BohlenOpen
MinorBugSPRNET-1530Spring Transactions are significantly out of date compared to the Java equivalentSteve BohlenOpen
MinorImprovementSPRNET-1531ITransactionSynchronization has no concept of Flush / FlushResourceSteve BohlenOpen
MinorImprovementSPRNET-1532DefaultTransactionStatus.CreateAndHoldSavepoint requires a name parameter, while the Java equivalent does notSteve BohlenOpen
MinorBugSPRNET-1546Session and Request scoped object is not using IDestructionAwareObjectPostProcessor or destroy attribute when destroyedSteve BohlenOpen
MinorImprovementSPRNET-1551Set session.DefaultReadOnly=true when using a readonly transaction [Transaction(ReadOnly = true)]Steve BohlenOpen
MinorBugSPRNET-1556Unable to use AutoWire with MessageSource in WebApplicationContextSteve BohlenOpen
TrivialNew FeatureSPRNET-24WeakEventhandlerMark PollackOpen
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