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      1. Start with a clean build.
      2. In Package Explorer, select New > Spring Template Project
      3. Select Spring MVC Project > Finish. Tell it okay when it asks if you want to download it.
      4. Give the project a name and a location, press Finish.
      5. Wait. It takes a while for the build to finish.
        You will see the error: Class 'org.springframework.web.servlet.view.InternalResourceViewResolver' not found [config set: <projectName>/web-context
      6. Project > Clean clean the project. It will rebuild and this time have no error.
      7. Create a vFabric server (if you don't have one already). I did: Servers, New > Server > VMware vFabric tc Server v2.5, v2.6, server info, new instance named "base" which only had "base".
      8. Drag your project onto the server.
      9. Start the server.
      10. Select your project under the server; right-click and select Open Home Page.
        You will get an error:

      javax.servlet.ServletException: java.lang.LinkageError: loader constraint violation: when resolving interface method 
      the class loader (instance of org/apache/jasper/servlet/JasperLoader) of the current class, 
      org/apache/jsp/WEB_002dINF/views/home_jsp, and 
      the class loader (instance of org/apache/catalina/loader/StandardClassLoader) for resolved class, 
      javax/servlet/jsp/JspApplicationContext, have different Class objects for the type 
      javax/el/ExpressionFactory used in the signature



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