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Delete and update AspectJ markers does full rebuild on every change



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    • 3.6.3.RELEASE
    • 3.6.4.RELEASE
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      I am experiencing poor performance using STS when working on a Roo project since the STS AspectJ/AJDT "Delete and update AspectJ markers" process does full rebuild on every single change (also whitespaces). I am uncertain if the problem is STS, ROO, AspectJ/AJDT or another tool in the stack, but its pretty annoying

      Usually i have the "Build Automatically" setting enabled in STS, but had to disable this to control when STS does full rebuild. I recreate the problem when inserting a whitespace into a JUnit test and save the file, when compiling the project the AspectJ/AJDT compiler does full rebuild of all aspects taking 1-2 min every time. The AspectJ/AJDT compiler normally completes its "Delete and update AspectJ markers" process in a few minuttes, but it is strange that a whitespace in a JUnit test can generate a full rebuild.

      I am working on a Lenovo T540p (i5-4300M CPU @ 2.60GHz with 16GB Ram) and i am using the latest STS (3.6.3.SR1, Build Id: 201501121239). Roo is running from STS integrated into the IDE. My Roo project is roughly 100 entities, 25 controllers plus the generated Roo code.

      I am most certain that the AspectJ/AJDT background processes are the cause for my problems (more likely: my inability to configure everything to its needs) as I am not experiencing any problems working on non-AspectJ projects. I have enabled JDT Weaving in STS.

      I am interested in any hints, tips, suggestions you might have that could help me speed up the processes again. I guess a good start would be to get some general configuration from someone who has all this running more vividly (especially for the AspectJ part of it).

      My STS project has the following builder/natures enabled:


      If you need more information or have questions please tell

      Best regards
      Frank Henningsen

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