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"Oracle alike" plugin for Spring IDE (Eclipse) to create Spring ORM classes



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      Oracle OEPE Kepler includes Spring IDE. To better integrate Spring IDE into Kepler Oracle has developed an additional tiny but super useful plugin called "Oracle Spring Tools".

      Very soon Oracle dropped plugin stating: "Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse no longer depends on Spring IDE” - which was other way of saying, we don't care... Being their big client we could try asking to have it back - but - wouldn't it be better that this little plugin is part of IDE and available to whole community and not only OEPE users… I am sure you could make this wizard better and more complete than the one from Oracle.

      Plugin analyses all @Entity classes and takes into account relationships, then it provides UI to get desired names of packages, Spring Services, Dao Repositories. Finally developer decides about grouping, meaning, which Entities are handled by particular DAO. Result is: several Spring services and DAOs with hundreds of persist, update, find, search functions inside each.

      This all above can be done after JPA wizard creates entities from tables - and allows us to create whole API in a day. This process saves us days or even weeks (we have hundreds nicely normalized related tables in DB) and we get perfect DAOs and Services and from here on we add our own special functions that will handle our own named queries and additional stuff… but this is great starting point.

      Sorry for lengthy post, and my apologies that I have assumed that plugin originally came from Eclipse IDE on the market space where I asked original question. If you wish more info, I can provide tutorials I have written, just please contact me to get my RL email.

      Many thanks for reading.




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