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      It should be possible to easily navigate to different artefacts in the editor. For example in a controller action:

      class BarController {
        def foo = {}

      CMD+Clicking on foo should take you to /bar/foo.gsp and if it doesn't exist prompt whether you want to create it. The same with tag libraries if you have:

      <foo:bar />

      CMD+clicking on this tag should take you to the tag library that has a namespace of "foo" and a tag of "bar" such as:

      class FooTagLib {
         static namespace = "foo"
         def bar = { attrs, body -> }

      It the tag library doesn't exist again it should prompt to create it. Another example if you have in a controller:

      class BarController {
        def foo = {
          render template:"foo"

      If you click on the templat name "foo" it should try to open grails-app/views/bar/_foo.gsp and if it doesn't exist prompt to create it. Layouts are another example. If you have in a GSP:

      <meta name="layout" content="main" />

      Clicking on "main" should open grails-app/views/layouts/main.gsp

      There are probably other examples of this kind of interaction


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