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Version 2.7.0.RELEASE


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Released: 05/Jul/11

Release Notes

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BlockerBugSTS-1888XML Bean Editor pops NPE when schema not on classpathMartin LippertResolved
BlockerBugSTS-1893STS stops working in Mac after Java Update 5 + SDK Update 5.Martin LippertResolved
CriticalBugSTS-1755Loading of XSDs for Spring contexts performs abysmally for complex contextsMartin LippertResolved
CriticalBugSTS-1826Spring Framework task repository location is incorrect - springframework.org should be springsource.orgTerry DenneyResolved
CriticalBugSTS-1853STS opens the default workspace all the timeMartin LippertResolved
CriticalBugSTS-1854"Unable to resolve 'V'"- problem with type parameterization in grails projectsAndrew EisenbergResolved
CriticalBugSTS-1860cannot create a tomcat 6 instance with tc Server 2.5 via STSSteffen PingelResolved
CriticalBugSTS-1905Java error message dialog when editing a Groovy source fileAndy ClementResolved
MajorBugSTS-131Project created by Spring "Create a new Shared Library Project" template has build errorsjosh Long [X]Resolved
MajorBugSTS-1680GSP formater produces invalid code (Error processing GroovyPageView)Andrew EisenbergResolved
MajorBugSTS-1797update roo plug-in manager interface for Roo 1.2.0Steffen PingelResolved
MajorImprovementSTS-1805review command output changes in grails 1.4 M2 - check STS isn't adversely affectedKris De VolderResolved
MajorBugSTS-1807Spring Spring Utility Project generated pom missing repositoryUnassignedResolved
MajorBugSTS-1880Code modifications not picked up by STS 2.7.0.M2Kris De VolderResolved
MajorBugSTS-1884errors on console when creating Roo projectSteffen PingelResolved
MajorBugSTS-1899NPE when creating CF serverSteffen PingelResolved
MajorBugSTS-1935Widget is disposed when closing dashboardSteffen PingelResolved
MinorBugSTS-133Project created by Spring "Create a new Shared Services Project" template has build errorsjosh Long [X]Resolved
MinorBugSTS-884Spring Template Project Simple Spring Batch Project creates spring-batch-2.0.xsd configuration but adds spring batch 2.1.0.RELEASE dependencyjosh Long [X]Resolved
MinorBugSTS-970Spring Template Projects have code header comments that are out of datejosh Long [X]Resolved
MinorBugSTS-1154STS-2.3.3-M2: Groovy Editor shows error for annotation containing closureAndy ClementResolved
MinorBugSTS-1186Update template projects to use latest Spring versionjosh Long [X]Resolved
MinorImprovementSTS-1606Have templates use top package and project name as mvn groupid and artifactidjosh Long [X]Resolved
MinorBugSTS-1748replaced-method's empty replacer throws internal errorMartin LippertResolved
MinorBugSTS-1758Spring loaded sometimes causes more eager classloading than the JVM without spring loadedAndy ClementResolved
MinorBugSTS-1759Spring Loaded appears to occasionally cause private constructors to be found when invoking Class.getConstructor()Andy ClementResolved
MinorBugSTS-1781NPE showing up in Activity MonitorSteffen PingelResolved
MinorImprovementSTS-1782Update pom.xml to Spring 3.0.5 release in Spring Template projectsjosh Long [X]Resolved
MinorBugSTS-1803Spring Framework XSD entries no longer in XML catalogMartin LippertResolved
MinorBugSTS-1810Look into failing test case GrailsInferencingTests.testDomainDeclaringClass3()Andrew EisenbergResolved
MinorBugSTS-1823NPE in shutdownMartin LippertResolved
MinorBugSTS-1831The GSP editor isn't listed in the list of editorsAndrew EisenbergResolved
MinorBugSTS-1868Spring Loaded causing jvm EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION panicAndy ClementResolved
MinorBugSTS-1869NPE in NoApplyPolicySteffen PingelResolved
MinorBugSTS-1889Groovy editor got problems of resolving the full qualified class name in groovy class filesAndrew EisenbergResolved
MinorBugSTS-1897ConcurrentModificationException in Building Spring AOP reference modelMartin LippertResolved
MinorBugSTS-1900STS.ini memory settings on win32Martin LippertResolved
TrivialImprovementSTS-1678Spring batch template uses deprecated log4j configurationjosh Long [X]Resolved
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