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Released: 12/Dec/11

Release Notes

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CriticalBugSTS-1821Refreshing Grails Plugin Manager doesn't show new versions for installed pluginsKris De VolderResolved
CriticalBugSTS-2180IllegalArgumentException thrown by XmlCatalogDelegatingEntityResolverMartin LippertResolved
CriticalBugSTS-2231new grails transforms (e.g. where checking) report errors against first line rather than where the problem actually isAndy ClementResolved
CriticalNew FeatureSTS-2257Allow users to choose the version of m2eclipse to install in STSAndrew EisenbergResolved
CriticalBugSTS-2312New Grails 2.0 Junit support breaks JUnit test running for non-grails projectsKris De VolderResolved
MajorBugSTS-1841Subproject can't be nested more than one directory deepKris De VolderResolved
MajorImprovementSTS-1856As a developer, I would like to be able to import Spring Security using Gradle IntegrationKris De VolderResolved
MajorImprovementSTS-2008Provide a way to refresh the task list (e.g. a "Refresh" button in the task execution UIKris De VolderResolved
MajorImprovementSTS-2031Grails rename views participant should replace action inside URLMappingsKris De VolderResolved
MajorImprovementSTS-2032Grails rename views participant should update references to renamed action field/methodKris De VolderResolved
MajorNew FeatureSTS-2061Support Unzipped Gradle DistributionKris De VolderResolved
MajorImprovementSTS-2145DSL Support for named query referencesAndrew EisenbergResolved
MajorBugSTS-2156Importing a Gradle multi-project: subproject resource filters are applied incorrectly under WindowsKris De VolderResolved
MajorBugSTS-2168NPE when formating gsp pageAndrew EisenbergResolved
MajorBugSTS-2173Importing a Gradle project under version control: timing/building issueKris De VolderResolved
MajorBugSTS-2174Avoid writing the timestamp when creating (or at least updating...) com.springsource.sts.gradle.core.prefs and com.springsource.sts.gradle.core.import.prefsKris De VolderResolved
MajorBugSTS-2175Avoid changing the <classpathenty>s in .classpath of the main project (if not requested) when importing a Gradle multiprojectKris De VolderResolved
MajorBugSTS-2176Reconciling error in generated unit testAndy ClementResolved
MajorBugSTS-2178Cant install Grails support Eclipse 3.7 SR1 Ubuntu 11.04 Andrew EisenbergResolved
MajorBugSTS-2185When creating a Dynamic Web Project for a WTP webapp project, the Web App Libraries library is not added to the classpathKris De VolderResolved
MajorBugSTS-2188NullPointerException at Dos Santos (c) [X]Resolved
MajorBugSTS-2190Unresolved Gradle dependencies when project A depends on project B and A does not have a reference to the repository used by BKris De VolderResolved
MajorBugSTS-2193NPE when opening namespace configuration pageLeo Dos Santos (c) [X]Resolved
MajorBugSTS-2197profile hyperlinking doesn't work in all casesTerry DenneyResolved
MajorBugSTS-2201Running a task on a subproject bypasses gradle wrapper settings, causing use of wrong gradle versionKris De VolderResolved
MajorBugSTS-2209Gradle support tries to download and use withdrawn 1.0-milestone-4 Gradle releaseKris De VolderResolved
MajorBugSTS-2217Chain elements in Spring Integration graphs are transposedLeo Dos Santos (c) [X]Resolved
MajorBugSTS-2219STS's Groovy fails on import static org.junit.Assert.*Andrew EisenbergResolved
MajorBugSTS-2222some methods used in tests underlined (and no code assist)Andrew EisenbergResolved
MajorBugSTS-2224currently no RunAs>JUnitUnassignedResolved
MajorBugSTS-2225assertEquals (and friends) underlined in grails 2.0 testsAndrew EisenbergResolved
MajorBugSTS-2227code assist for dynamic finders shouldn't be case sensitiveAndrew EisenbergResolved
MajorImprovementSTS-2232code assist for generated ctors that take a MapAndrew EisenbergResolved
MajorImprovementSTS-2233where clause support incompleteAndrew EisenbergResolved
MajorSub-taskSTS-2243Deal with URL mappings in Grails aware type renamingKris De VolderResolved
MajorSub-taskSTS-2244Handle references in "redirect(controller: ...,...) for Grails aware type renameKris De VolderResolved
MajorNew FeatureSTS-2251Provide a Grails Search participant for the action fields and methods in ControllersKris De VolderResolved
MajorBugSTS-2260ProjectClasspathExtensibleUriResolver should restrict to Spring nature onlyLeo Dos Santos (c) [X]Resolved
MajorBugSTS-2261Fresh installation of sts doesn't allow installation of any plugin ... missing org.maven.ide.eclipse [] ?!Andrew EisenbergResolved
MajorBugSTS-2272Make Run As | Gradle build... automatically create a new launch configuration instead of modifying an existing oneKris De VolderResolved
MajorBugSTS-2282validation warnings are added to the wrong lineTerry DenneyResolved
MajorBugSTS-2283wrong warnings produced for referenced beansTerry DenneyResolved
MajorBugSTS-2285Add support for new Spring Integration 2.1 adaptersLeo Dos Santos (c) [X]Resolved
MajorBugSTS-2286Update Spring Integration namespace icon indicatorsLeo Dos Santos (c) [X]Resolved
MajorBugSTS-2291Update visual editor for Spring Integration 2.1Leo Dos Santos (c) [X]Resolved
MajorBugSTS-2296STS is offering wrong dynamic finders in code completionAndrew EisenbergResolved
MajorBugSTS-2310java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/springsource/sts/maven/MavenCorePlugin$PomResourceChangeListener$PomResourceVisitorAndrew EisenbergResolved
MajorBugSTS-2311Project Explorer is broken for a Grails projectKris De VolderResolved
MajorTaskSTS-2321Update Gradle tooling to use API jars from Gradle M6Kris De VolderResolved
MajorImprovementSTS-2323Better reverting back to m2eclipse 0.12Andrew EisenbergResolved
MajorImprovementSTS-2325Better UI in the legacy maven project conversion dialogAndrew EisenbergResolved
MajorNew FeatureSTS-2328Create code template for bean methodTerry DenneyResolved
MajorBugSTS-2376Components in a Chain not showing up under "integration-graph"Leo Dos Santos (c) [X]Resolved
MinorSub-taskSTS-761Implement 'name' constructor-arg support for validate as-you-typeTerry DenneyResolved
MinorImprovementSTS-1419User should be warned if any Grails-related commands are executed, but no Grails installs are configuredKris De VolderResolved
MinorImprovementSTS-1743Spring Integration <service-activator/> -> <gateway/> Graphical SupportLeo Dos Santos (c) [X]Resolved
MinorImprovementSTS-1747Spring Integration <header-filter/> Uses <filter/> IconLeo Dos Santos (c) [X]Resolved
MinorImprovementSTS-1829Add support for Hierarchical STS Templates (Sub-Templates)Terry DenneyResolved
MinorBugSTS-1902Disabled UAA still posts to uaa.springsource.orgMartin LippertResolved
MinorImprovementSTS-1911Change "Around Advice Marker" from Warning to InfoMartin LippertResolved
MinorBugSTS-1950Gradle STS support: Test fails to run in IDE due to ClassNotFound even though Gradle Dependencies container shows the class to be on the classpathKris De VolderResolved
MinorBugSTS-1995Grails 2.0 tests are not found by Eclipse JUnit test runnerKris De VolderResolved
MinorBugSTS-2058Importing Gradle project(s) that are physically stored in workspace does not workKris De VolderResolved
MinorImprovementSTS-2087Gradle Import Wizard should remember options from prior importsKris De VolderResolved
MinorBugSTS-2164Attached source libs pointing to wrong destinationAndrew EisenbergResolved
MinorBugSTS-2187'hyperlink' in test output for grails test run is not clickable if the test failsKris De VolderResolved
MinorImprovementSTS-2194STS should not invoke the m2e legacy project migration assistant unless m2e 1.0 is installed.Andrew EisenbergResolved
MinorBugSTS-2196STS doesn't obey the Grails -noreloading commandline optionKris De VolderResolved
MinorBugSTS-2202Cannot import gradle project from symlink pathKris De VolderResolved
MinorBugSTS-2207Refresh Button on "Grails Plugin Manager"-Dialog is not workingKris De VolderResolved
MinorBugSTS-2210Grails.dsld not being attached to grails projects immediatelyAndrew EisenbergResolved
MinorBugSTS-2214NullPointerException when attempting to execute 'Update Maven Configuration'Andrew EisenbergResolved
MinorBugSTS-2218Can't upgrade to STS 2.8.0 RELEASE due to old version of weaving.jdtAndrew EisenbergResolved
MinorBugSTS-2223no decent javadoc on domain class methods like 'validate()' as used in testsAndrew EisenbergResolved
MinorBugSTS-2228more helpful method context for findWhere?Andrew EisenbergResolved
MinorImprovementSTS-2230improved content assist for some special kinds of location (here DomainClass.where)Andrew EisenbergResolved
MinorImprovementSTS-2234no code assist for secondary clauses in where conditionAndrew EisenbergResolved
MinorImprovementSTS-2235no inferencing of controller action return values in controller tests (so valid stuff underlined)Andrew EisenbergResolved
MinorSub-taskSTS-2239refactor rename on domain class seems to miss controller link referencesKris De VolderResolved
MinorBugSTS-2240constraints block code completion doesn't offer same for an Integer field that it offers for an int fieldAndrew EisenbergResolved
MinorImprovementSTS-2241javadoc/navigation for map key usages of domain propertiesAndrew EisenbergResolved
MinorImprovementSTS-2247Purge all Grails tooling internal caches on a refresh dependenciesAndrew EisenbergResolved
MinorNew FeatureSTS-2248simple view for gradle tasks that can be open all the time (and allow quick invocation)Kris De VolderResolved
MinorBugSTS-2250Runnning a Grails 2.0 commands with a Java 1.5 install crashes with no explanationKris De VolderResolved
MinorImprovementSTS-2270For Spring Integration: Add Visual Support for Stored Procedure AdaptersLeo Dos Santos (c) [X]Resolved
MinorBugSTS-2278Project explorer hides build.gradle and settings.gradleKris De VolderResolved
MinorBugSTS-2292Grails 2.0 "run as Junit test" support for no @TestFor annotation but matching domain class existsKris De VolderResolved
MinorBugSTS-2300Claim Check components should have their own iconLeo Dos Santos (c) [X]Resolved
MinorBugSTS-2316Where query support Andrew EisenbergResolved
MinorBugSTS-2317GormInstanceAPI methods are available on domain classes even in static contextsAndrew EisenbergResolved
MinorBugSTS-2331Duplicate Dependency Management nodes in project propertiesAndrew EisenbergResolved
MinorBugSTS-2333DSL support for Grials integration tests not very good.Andrew EisenbergResolved
TrivialBugSTS-2167Spelling in Spring perspective Markers: "Around Adivce Marker"Martin LippertResolved
TrivialBugSTS-2183typo in tc Server configurationSteffen PingelResolved
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