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Released: 03/May/12

Release Notes

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BlockerBugSTS-2494Unable to Run/Debug a Grails application from STS, after changing Grails installation directoryUnassignedResolved
BlockerBugSTS-2512broken groovy editor in junoAndrew EisenbergResolved
BlockerBugSTS-2571update equinox weaving for AJDT to latest from Eclipse 3.8 streamsAndrew EisenbergResolved
CriticalBugSTS-2546After update to Grails 2.0.2 any Grails operation in STS failsKris De VolderResolved
CriticalImprovementSTS-2553update tc Server integration for upcoming tc Server 2.7Kaitlin Duck SherwoodResolved
CriticalBugSTS-2587STS can't find method in latest snapshot: CompilerUtils.getGroovyVersion()Andy ClementResolved
MajorNew FeatureSTS-1317Add content assist for @ContextConfiguration locationsKaitlin Duck SherwoodResolved
MajorImprovementSTS-1981Update dynamic finders content assist and inferencing to support Grails 2.0Andrew EisenbergResolved
MajorBugSTS-2184When importing a webapp project (war, eclipse-wtp), "use hierarchical project names" is not respected when assemblying the Deployment DescriptorKris De VolderResolved
MajorBugSTS-2276The Gradle task launcher does not repect the JAVA_HOME environment variableKris De VolderResolved
MajorImprovementSTS-2284Don't block other user operations while refreshing Gradle dependenciesKris De VolderResolved
MajorBugSTS-2397Gradle integration doesn't update Web App dependenciesKris De VolderResolved
MajorSub-taskSTS-2456We need a way to select gradle build file for import and for executionKris De VolderResolved
MajorBugSTS-2467New Grails 2.0 JUnit test support breaks running Java Junit tests in Grails 2.0 projectsKris De VolderResolved
MajorBugSTS-2481grails 2.0: unable to "run as junit" for tests outside test/unit folderKris De VolderResolved
MajorBugSTS-2493Spring nature not automatically added when project has spring-core dependencyAndrew EisenbergResolved
MajorBugSTS-2495cannot install grails support to STS on JunoUnassignedResolved
MajorBugSTS-2496Don't block other operations while running Gradle tasksKris De VolderResolved
MajorTaskSTS-2503Update tooling API to Gradle RC1 - snapshotKris De VolderResolved
MajorNew FeatureSTS-2509Provide some preference page options to configure Gradle program and VM argumentsKris De VolderResolved
MajorBugSTS-2540display default-output-channel connections from routersLeo Dos Santos (c) [X]Resolved
MajorBugSTS-2548Grails 2.0.2 doesn't workUnassignedResolved
MajorBugSTS-2549AspectJ Weaver NullPointerExceptionAndrew EisenbergResolved
MajorTaskSTS-2555Revive the Gradle / STS integration buildKris De VolderResolved
MajorSub-taskSTS-2567Create preference page (or page section) to set JVM arguments for Gradle GloballyKris De VolderResolved
MajorSub-taskSTS-2568Create preference page (or page section) to set program arguments globallyKris De VolderResolved
MajorBugSTS-2569NullPointerException in LegacyProjectCheckerAndrew EisenbergResolved
MajorTaskSTS-2572Gradle 1.0-rc1 is out. Update tooling API libs to rc1Kris De VolderResolved
MajorSub-taskSTS-2574Create 'arguments' page in task launch UI and allow it to set JVM argumentsKris De VolderResolved
MajorBugSTS-2583 unwanted diffs show up in the gradle.refresh.prefsKris De VolderResolved
MajorBugSTS-2590Still issues with template projects?Kaitlin Duck SherwoodResolved
MajorTaskSTS-2593Look into having tycho/maven build call on the gradle build script that downloads tooling api libs before actual tyhco buildKris De VolderResolved
MajorBugSTS-2623On windows, when using 'hierarchical project names' an error ensues that ':' is an illegal character in resource namesKris De VolderResolved
MinorImprovementSTS-1529Provide quickfix to quickly create @Autowired constructor for class with final fieldsKaitlin Duck SherwoodResolved
MinorTaskSTS-1912Change Gradle-plugins build to be based on Eclipse 3.7Kris De VolderResolved
MinorImprovementSTS-2459Add validation logic to the Gradle preferences page to set Gradle distributionKris De VolderResolved
MinorBugSTS-2483Cannot install "Grails Support" extension Andrew EisenbergResolved
MinorBugSTS-2490Grails Plugin Manager will not launchKris De VolderResolved
MinorBugSTS-2499Debug evaluations do not work in specific situationAndrew EisenbergResolved
MinorBugSTS-2506IllegalArgumentException in StackTraceConsoleLineTrackerAndrew EisenbergResolved
MinorBugSTS-2530Problem deploying Grails App if workspace path has a space Kris De VolderResolved
MinorBugSTS-2531Unresolved dependency error on master project after closing and reopening itKris De VolderResolved
MinorBugSTS-2534STS/m2e removing Spring Nature when updating project configurationAndrew EisenbergResolved
MinorBugSTS-2536tar.gz download for Linux 64 does not include setup scriptMartin LippertResolved
MinorBugSTS-2538Flaws in "Grails Tools > Download Source Jars" Kris De VolderResolved
MinorBugSTS-2545NPE in 'Spring Annotation Proposal'Leo Dos Santos (c) [X]Resolved
MinorImprovementSTS-2556Check that configured VM for Gradle is a JDK (not a JRE).Kris De VolderResolved
MinorImprovementSTS-2564"prod" should be the default environment for Grails "Run on Server".Kris De VolderResolved
MinorTaskSTS-2565testNamedQuery3 failing on build serverAndrew EisenbergResolved
MinorBugSTS-2573Ivy dependency missing from Grails projectKris De VolderResolved
MinorNew FeatureSTS-2605add possibility to generate Spring configuration inside web.xmlKaitlin Duck SherwoodResolved
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