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Problem with the pop up



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    • Fix Version/s: 2.0.8
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      Hi All,

      I am facing issue rendering pop up with webflow 2.0.5

      On the submission of a popup with a Validation Error (say empty mandatory field ), the Parent page is getting replaced with the pop up contents i.e On any kind of validation error in pop up, if the control is again redirected to the same pop up, then the pop up is rendered as a full page and not as a pop up. Somehow the pop up state is getting lost. Strangely the error messages appears fine.

      We also tried using
      <transition on-exception = "java.lang.Exception" to="finish">
      but of no help.

      Please note that every thing works as expected if a form is used instead of a pop-up.

      Below is the jsp action button which triggers the subflow event.

      input value="Upload List" id="uploadList" type="button"
      name="_eventId_upload" onclick="Spring.remoting.submitForm('uploadList', this.form.name,



      Here is the main webflow

      <view-state id="emailRecipients" view="admin/email/recipients"
      <transition on="upload" to="upload" validate="false" />
      <transition on="generate" to="generateList" validate="false" />

      Below is the subflow for even upload from the above flow

      <view-state id="uploadList" popup="true" model="fileObject" view="admin/email/uploadList">
      <transition on="upload"></transition>
      <transition on="validate" to="errorReport">
      <evaluate expression="service.getEmail(fileObject.fileConten t, email, flowScope.uploadXlsEvent)"
      <transition on="cancel" to="finish" bind="false"></transition>

      <action-state id="errorReport">
      <evaluate expression="service.isValidEmail(flowScope.uploadX lsEvent)" />
      <transition on="no" to="errorMessage">
      <evaluate expression="service.getErrorReportForEmailRecipien ts(flowScope.uploadXlsEvent)"
      result ="flowScope.errorMessages"/>
      <transition on="yes" to="finish" />

      <view-state id="errorMessage" popup="true" view="admin/email/uploadListErrorReport">
      <transition on="continue" to="finish" bind="false"/>
      <transition on="cancel" to="uploadList" bind="false"></transition>

      <end-state id="finish"></end-state>

      When initially the jsp upload button is clicked, the subflow is called which goes to view state uploadList of subflow and since pop up is true it renders it as a pop up.
      But if you notice, in the viewstate errorMessage of subflow, the control is again directed back to uploadList view state on cancel transition. But this time the same viewstate is executed but the view is not comming as a pop up but instead is full size page.

      The only difference i see here is that the first one is submitted from a submit button and hence is working.
      Second one is another transition for the same view which is a pop up, but doesnt work.

      Am i missing something here?? Do i need to do more?? Spring webflow reference document just talks about popup ="true" attribute and nothing else.

      Any Idea/Suggestion would be of great help!




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