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Redirect resonse code should be configurable (302 or 303)



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      Spring Web Flow seems to issue a 302 code for redirects. I'm assuming that this is because, as pointed out in the HTTP spec, most user agent are broken (or were at the time of the spec definition) and will follow a 302 redirect code with a GET as opposed to the specification's definition for a 302 that would imply the same method is used after the redirect. The spec states that a 303 should be used to get the user agent to follow with a GET.

      We are seeing the 'broken' behavior with our voice application when running on the Nuance voice browser (3.1 SP2) in that it follows the 302 redirect with the desired (by SWF), but not-to-spec GET. Another voice browser (Voxeo's Prophecy platform) does follow the spec to the letter and correctly re-POSTs, but this breaks our SWF app.

      Who should 'fix' this? I would say that this should be configurable if the user agent's behaviour is well known and under the developer's control (as in our case), and HttpServletResponse.SC_SEE_OTHER should be a possible redirect code. If this is already possible, my search through the current issues didn't reveal it, and I'd appreciate a pointer in the right direction.




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