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      Previously mentioned here:

      I will paraphrase in case the forums ever get changed again

      I've built something here that might be a nice addition to an xml-tiger package.

      Basically, it allows me to access xml like this (from my unit test):

      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
      <s:Test xmlns:s="">
        <s:anotherString sneaky='boo'>World</s:anotherString>

      With a proxy generated for an interface that looks like this (again from the unit test):

      @NamespaceMapping(prefix = "s", uri = "")
      public interface Sample {
          String getHello();
          String getWorld(String sneaky);
          Boolean booleanExists();
          Boolean booleanDoesNotExist();
          Boolean booleanTrueValue();
          Boolean booleanFalseValue();
          YesNo yesNo();
          Double doubleValue();

      Quick notes...
      The "getWorld" method uses an XPathVariableResolver to map the method arguments to xpath variables.

      Like the XPathParam stuff in spring-ws, it supports the standard XPath types (String, Boolean, Double, Node, NodeList...). as well as using special Converters.

      YesNo in the example above is an enum, a converter is registered with the XPathProxyFactory that allows the conversion of a string to some object.

      XPath Booleans are touchy, they are based on existence, not content. This is the default behavior for the XPath proxy as well. Registering a Converter for Booleans though allows s:booleanFalse element above to evaluate to 'false'.

      I figured that a spring-xml-tiger package would be a good home for it as it is all JAXP and Annotations. If not, maybe I'll toss it up to sourceforge or googlecode.

      I'll attach a zip containing the code. Mind you it's totally "first-draft" quality; the package is "raykrueger.xpathproxy" and has almost no javadoc yet...


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