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Make JAXP13ValidatorFactory smarter




      We import all of our XSDs through the classpath. The Apache Commons XmlSchema library and springs integration with it has been a real life saver for us. To be able to use our PlanningServiceMessages.xsd to create a dynamic WSDL and have spring handle finding all of our XSDs in their many forms and locations from many groups has been a huge life saver.

      I thought it would be a snap then to enable validation for our Requests and responses as well. Just pop our PlanningServiceMessages.xsd into a PayloadValidatingInterceptor and instance validation, but unfortunately I was quickly thwarted by an Xerces error saying that it can't find one of the libraries.

      I was really scratching my head as to why I had an error from Xerces, so I started digging. I first looked into the CommonsXsdSchemaCollection since that's what we used also for our WSDL generation. I traced into createValidator and then XmlValidatorFactory which gives me a Jaxp13ValidatorFactory, which is subsequently uses the JDK's built in Xerces SchemaFactory. Unfortunately with Xerces it's pretty brain dead I believe and it doesn't have the powerful schema resolution that we rely on to find the XSDs,

      What I did was grab the hidden class ClasspathUriResolver from with-in CommonsXsdSchemaCollection and exposed it as it's own class. I need this because it includes Scoped resolution too for where classpaths start with '..' (SWS-413) Next I implemented a LSResourceResolver within my new ClasspathUriResolver that allowed me to have a new Custom XSDSchema class that would use this resolver to create a validator within Xerces. and finally I implemented a copy of XmlValidator that allowed me to inject my own schema w/o relying on the factory because Jaxp13Validator is hidden as well.

      So now I can create a schema that will resolve my XSD classpaths and get a validator from it. I hope this is helpful and inspires people to improve this area.

      I did test it with 2.10 of Xerces using the "-Djavax.xml.validation.SchemaFactory" thing and I had the same issue. Xerces would choke on the relative '..' classpaths

      Or, you can just tell me how I should have done it in the first place




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