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I can't set transformSchemaLocation attribute in MessageDispatcherServlet class through web.xml file


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    • Affects Version/s: 2.1.3
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      In my Spring XML file I have a static-wsdl defined and in the WSDL I imported a XML Schema Definition with namespace and schemaLocation attributes.

      When I deploy my Web Application I want to the

       <soap:address location /> 


       <xs:import schemaLocation /> 

      in WSDL to be transformed to reflect the URI of the incoming HttpServletRequest.

      So to achieve this behavior in the web.xml file I have this configuration:


      The problem:

      When the application is deployed, the method 'initWsdlDefinitionHandlerAdapter' in class 'MessageDispatcherServlet' runs, but only the attribute


      in class 'WsdlDefinitionHandlerAdapter' is properly setted with the value passed through the

      <init-param />

      tag in the web.xml file, and the attribute


      is not. As can be seen in red in the code below:


      private void initWsdlDefinitionHandlerAdapter(ApplicationContext context) {
         try {
            try {
               wsdlDefinitionHandlerAdapter = context.getBean(getWsdlDefinitionHandlerAdapterBeanName(), WsdlDefinitionHandlerAdapter.class);
            } catch (NoSuchBeanDefinitionException ignored) {
                 wsdlDefinitionHandlerAdapter = new WsdlDefinitionHandlerAdapter();
         } catch (Exception ex) {
              throw new BeanInitializationException("Could not initialize WsdlDefinitionHandlerAdapter", ex);

      My solution was:

      Create in the Spring XML file a wsdlDefinitionHandlerAdapter bean and set the properties 'transformLocations' and 'transformSchemaLocations' with value true.

      <bean id="wsdlDefinitionHandlerAdapter" class="org.springframework.ws.transport.http.WsdlDefinitionHandlerAdapter">
      	<property name="transformSchemaLocations" value="true" />
          	<property name="transformLocations" value="true" />


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