Version 1.0 M2


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Released: 09/Sep/06

Release Notes

MajorTaskSWS-28Maven2 buildArjen PoutsmaClosed
MajorNew FeatureSWS-29Transforming InterceptorArjen PoutsmaClosed
MajorImprovementSWS-30Add C# WS-Security clientArjen PoutsmaClosed
MajorBugSWS-31MessageHandlerAdapter uses J2EE 1.4Arjen PoutsmaClosed
MajorNew FeatureSWS-34Extend creation of XStreamArjen PoutsmaClosed
MajorBugSWS-35validation error for valid xmlArjen PoutsmaClosed
MajorImprovementSWS-36JibxMarshaller does not support unmarshalling of DOMSources and SAXSourcesArjen PoutsmaClosed
MajorBugSWS-37Weblogic 8.1 throws javax.xml.soap.SOAPException: There should be only one Content-Type MimeHeader Arjen PoutsmaClosed
MajorImprovementSWS-38Make sure AbstractStaxEndpoint checks whether a StaxSource is usedArjen PoutsmaClosed
MajorImprovementSWS-40Validation of xml in XmlBeansMarshallerArjen PoutsmaClosed
MajorBugSWS-42Content-Type Header for SOAP Attachments misses required entriesArjen PoutsmaClosed
MajorImprovementSWS-44schemaS element for PayloadValidatingInterceptor missingArjen PoutsmaClosed
MajorImprovementSWS-46Improve validation schema loadingArjen PoutsmaClosed
MajorNew FeatureSWS-47Dynamic WSDL address locationsArjen PoutsmaClosed
MajorBugSWS-49Axis 1 Saaj implementation does not set Content-Type on saveChanges()Arjen PoutsmaClosed
MajorNew FeatureSWS-50Plain Old Xml (POX) supportArjen PoutsmaClosed
MinorNew FeatureSWS-27Upgrade to SAAJ 1.3Arjen PoutsmaClosed
MinorBugSWS-32SaajSoapMessage does not work if content type includes parametersArjen PoutsmaClosed
MinorBugSWS-33CastorMarshaller is missing a way to specify the Castor-generated class to use during unmarshalling.Arjen PoutsmaClosed
MinorImprovementSWS-41Add Echo sample clientArjen PoutsmaClosed
MinorImprovementSWS-43Make PayloadValidatingInterceptor more customizableArjen PoutsmaClosed
MinorTaskSWS-45Add a note on memory usage and perfomance impact in "Securing your Web services with Spring-WS" chapter of reference documentationArjen PoutsmaClosed
TrivialBugSWS-48Airline sample readme.txt has wrong dir infoArjen PoutsmaClosed
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