Version 1.5.4


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Released: 31/Jul/08

Release Notes

MajorImprovementSWS-214Setting Basic Authentication preemptive through CommonsHttpMessageSenderArjen PoutsmaClosed
MajorImprovementSWS-224XStreamMarshaller is missing the call to omit fields from serialization processTareq AbedrabboClosed
MajorImprovementSWS-372Missing support for interface/implementation separated JAXB classes in Jaxb2MarshallerArjen PoutsmaClosed
MajorBugSWS-386DefaultWsdl11Definition.setFaultSuffix : responseSuffix overwrittenArjen PoutsmaClosed
MajorBugSWS-389problem with DomContentHandlerArjen PoutsmaClosed
MajorImprovementSWS-390Document OXM tagsTareq AbedrabboClosed
MajorNew FeatureSWS-391Client-side validation interceptorArjen PoutsmaClosed
MajorBugSWS-392AbstractMarshallingPayloadEndpoint and XStreamMarshaller produces malformed response bodyTareq AbedrabboClosed
MajorBugSWS-393Incoming message with with UTF-8 BOM is failingArjen PoutsmaClosed
MajorBugSWS-395Spring-WS support manifest has wrong version of spring xml importArjen PoutsmaClosed
MajorBugSWS-396@Endpoint with method having any other annotation then @PayloadRoot is not mappedArjen PoutsmaClosed
MajorNew FeatureSWS-398Add layer of indirection for obtaining WebServiceTemplate URIsArjen PoutsmaClosed
MajorBugSWS-401unable to use maven2 to use version above 1.0.4 due to missing jar: bouncycastle:bcprov-jdk15:jar:132Arjen PoutsmaClosed
MajorImprovementSWS-404Do not transform request payload Sources when not necessaryArjen PoutsmaClosed
MajorBugSWS-406Constructor in example for AbstractMarshallingPayloadEndpoint is wrongArjen PoutsmaClosed
MinorNew FeatureSWS-362WSDL generation issue when xsds import other xsdsArjen PoutsmaClosed
MinorImprovementSWS-394Update FAQ to reflect new SAAJ jar in WebLogic 10Arjen PoutsmaClosed
MinorImprovementSWS-397Add the possibility to WebServiceTemplate to extract the service URI from a WSDLArjen PoutsmaClosed
MinorImprovementSWS-399Upgrade XStream dependency to 1.3Arjen PoutsmaClosed
MinorNew FeatureSWS-402Create utility for dealing with Source and Result objectsArjen PoutsmaClosed
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