Version 1.5.5


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Released: 04/Nov/08

Release Notes

CriticalBugSWS-410AxiomSoapMessage does not work fine in Spring-WS with CastorMarshallerArjen PoutsmaClosed
MajorBugSWS-405Spring-ws-archetype -DarchetypeVersion=1.5.3 but pom 1.5.2Arjen PoutsmaClosed
MajorBugSWS-412PayloadTransformingInterceptor does not work with a DomPoxMessage - the transformation clears the documentArjen PoutsmaClosed
MajorBugSWS-416Wss4jSecurityInterceptor loosing SOAPAction headerArjen PoutsmaClosed
MajorBugSWS-417spring-ws-core-tiger should be declared as an OSGi fragment since it contributes classes to packages from spring-ws-coreArjen PoutsmaClosed
MajorBugSWS-420AxiomSoapMessage + SOAP1.2 SoapActionArjen PoutsmaClosed
MajorBugSWS-422Class AxiomUtils is not java 1.4 compatibleArjen PoutsmaClosed
MajorImprovementSWS-425Upgrade xmlsec to 1.4.1, since 1.4.0 has problems with UTF-8Arjen PoutsmaClosed
MajorBugSWS-427AbstractEndpointExceptionResolver.resolveException() does not let subclasses have full access to the MethodEndpoint that raised an exceptionArjen PoutsmaClosed
MajorBugSWS-432AxiomSoap12Body.getFault() returns object of type AxiomSoap11FaultArjen PoutsmaClosed
MajorImprovementSWS-433Extension of AbstractSoapFaultDefinitionExceptionResolver to support SOAP 1.2 faultsArjen PoutsmaClosed
MajorImprovementSWS-443Javadoc State Thread Safety Level PayloadEndpoint Implementers Must SupportArjen PoutsmaClosed
MinorRefactoringSWS-403bundles ws.core and have a circular dependencyArjen PoutsmaClosed
MinorBugSWS-408Incorrect URL to Bamboo in pomArjen PoutsmaClosed
MinorImprovementSWS-409CommonsXsdSchemaCollection / Apache Schema exceptions do not contain enough detailArjen PoutsmaClosed
MinorBugSWS-411When using permanent replyTo queues, their JNDI names can't start with jms/ in the defaultUri property of the WebServiceGatewayArjen PoutsmaClosed
MinorNew FeatureSWS-413SchemaCollection issues with classpath resources and relative schema importsArjen PoutsmaClosed
MinorBugSWS-418Castor mappings are added multiple timesArjen PoutsmaClosed
MinorBugSWS-419Packaging: Wrong castor version in distribution.Arjen PoutsmaClosed
MinorTaskSWS-431Document Spring Security integrationArjen PoutsmaClosed
MinorBugSWS-437Method addOmittedFields in XStreamMarshaller should access XStream instance via getter.Arjen PoutsmaClosed
MinorBugSWS-439Reference guide, chapter, contains typoArjen PoutsmaClosed
MinorImprovementSWS-444XwssMessageInterceptorEncryptTest testDecrypt() can be enabled again - problem solution knownTareq AbedrabboClosed
TrivialNew FeatureSWS-426Allow Wss4jSecurityInterceptor to accept arbitrary client certificate in validation phaseTareq AbedrabboClosed
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