Release Notes - Spring Framework - Version 4.2.5 - HTML format


  • [SPR-11787] - DefaultMessageListenerContainer hangs on shutdown
  • [SPR-13804] - Correct spring-websocket-4.2 versus spring-websocket-4.1 xsd declarations
  • [SPR-13817] - Preserve HTTP headers when caching resources in CachingResourceResolver
  • [SPR-13829] - Regression: Spring 4.2.4 fails to load configuration class on Google App Engine
  • [SPR-13836] - Handle RejectedExecutionException in WebAsyncManager
  • [SPR-13838] - Regression: Shared EntityManager proxy insists on actualTransactiveActive flag even with SYNCHRONIZATION_NEVER
  • [SPR-13847] - Regression: ResourceUrlEncodingFilter can throw StringIndexOutOfBoundsException with relative URL
  • [SPR-13850] - RequestPartMethodArgumentResolver should defensively handle MethodParameter nesting level and java.util.Optional access
  • [SPR-13852] - Spring does not reliably detect circular imports in Java configurations
  • [SPR-13858] - FastByteArrayOutputStream$FastByteArrayInputStream behaves incorrectly when no data is available
  • [SPR-13867] - ResponseEntity CacheControl ignored / extended by RequestMappingHandlerAdapter
  • [SPR-13871] - SessionDisconnectEvent.getUser() returns null instead of the session user
  • [SPR-13876] - ServletServerHttpRequest.getURI() escape the query parameters twice
  • [SPR-13879] - LocalSessionFactoryBean (hibernate5) does not correctly pass custom ClassLoader to Hibernate
  • [SPR-13887] - Regression: SPR-12443 breaks singleton bean references within a configuration class with null arguments
  • [SPR-13895] - @Transactional tests are executed without a transaction if transaction manager is not discovered
  • [SPR-13904] - STOMP over SockJS is unreliable
  • [SPR-13906] - Regression: BufferedImageHttpMessageConverter does not set content-type header
  • [SPR-13910] - AbstractXlsxView does not work on WebSphere Liberty Profile
  • [SPR-13917] - NullPointerException while building error message in InvocableHandlerMethod
  • [SPR-13918] - ReflectiveMethodResolver chooses parent class over child for static methods
  • [SPR-13922] - Spring fails to find bean's destroy method in case there is a bridge method
  • [SPR-13935] - AbstractMarshaller's DocumentBuilderFactory instance may be used by several threads simultaneously
  • [SPR-13951] - (Web)MergedContextConfiguration.equals is not symmetrical
  • [SPR-13957] - Spring ORM doesn't support addNamedQuery with EclipseLink
  • [SPR-13967] - @Lazy with @Autowired(required=false) throws NullPointerException on invocation
  • [SPR-13977] - TimerManagerTaskScheduler.TimerScheduledFuture.getDelay is inverted


  • [SPR-13480] - Compatibility with Hibernate ORM 5.1
  • [SPR-13832] - wrong example given at section 17.4 Handler mappings
  • [SPR-13844] - @ComponentScan's includeFilters javadoc is misleading
  • [SPR-13845] - Doc: Spring Active Profile order of evaluation is unclear
  • [SPR-13869] - Documentation error in ResponseEntityExceptionHandler.handleExceptionInternal


  • [SPR-13604] - SimpleTriggerFactoryBean and CronTriggerFactoryBean fail without jobDetail
  • [SPR-13713] - SimpleNamespaceContext does not implement the full contract of the NamespaceContext interface
  • [SPR-13825] - Oracle 12c JDBC driver throws inconsistent exception from getParameterType (affecting setNull calls)
  • [SPR-13833] - Lot of undesired WARN logs after migration from Spring 3 to Spring 4
  • [SPR-13853] - Improve Jackson 2.7 compatibility
  • [SPR-13883] - Automatically register a fixed path pattern when using a FixedStrategy with VersionResourceResolver
  • [SPR-13923] - PathMatchingResourcePatternResolver should provide consistent logging
  • [SPR-13959] - Support of SQL warnings in ScriptUtils

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