Release Notes - Spring Framework - Version 4.3.9 - HTML format


  • [SPR-15481] - AnnotationUtils.getValue() may hide relevant errors
  • [SPR-15485] - Last modified check of Resource created from Tomcat war:file: URL fails with FileNotFoundException
  • [SPR-15487] - Deceptive error message in Spring Test ModelResultMatchers
  • [SPR-15505] - AbstractFlashMapManager.isFlashMapForRequest does not inspect forwarded request coherently
  • [SPR-15507] - "Not a setter" exception cannot be be thrown in
  • [SPR-15525] - HandlerExecutionChain toString() may miss interceptors
  • [SPR-15526] - WebJarsResourceResolver: multiple matches in case of multiple files with the same name in the same webjar
  • [SPR-15543] - DefaultSubscriptionRegistry should prevent duplicate subscription id in accessCache
  • [SPR-15546] - o/s/mail/javamail mime.types PNG mapped to image/x-png
  • [SPR-15556] - ResourceUtils.extractArchiveURL fails to work under Tomcat 8.0.41 with unpackWARs=false
  • [SPR-15557] - o/s/mail/javamail mime.types has duplicate image/jpeg entries
  • [SPR-15559] - Multipart range requests leave file handles open
  • [SPR-15561] - LocalValidatorFactoryBean does not support unwrap for native ValidatorFactory
  • [SPR-15566] - Consistently accept "taskExecutor" bean of type Executor (as stated in @EnableAsync's javadoc)
  • [SPR-15582] - Poor diagnostics when Jackson cannot deserialise an application/json payload due to a missing deserialiser
  • [SPR-15629] - AbstractMethodError when calling validated method of MethodValidationPostProcessor is using a @Lazy validator


  • [SPR-15466] - Doc: Typo in ResponseBodyAdvice class description
  • [SPR-15585] - What's new section in 4.3.x reference should have introductory paragraphs
  • [SPR-15612] - Improve docs around the use of "Forwarded" and "X-Forwarded-*" headers


  • [SPR-15268] - Honor @Autowired(required=false) at parameter level, as an alternative to java.util.Optional
  • [SPR-15469] - Lazily initialize Environment in GenericFilterBean (aligned with HttpServletBean)
  • [SPR-15477] - Optimize AntPathMatcher when checking for potential matches
  • [SPR-15479] - Add getTargetCache to TransactionAwareCacheDecorator
  • [SPR-15488] - Allow for HttpOnly cookie result matcher
  • [SPR-15502] - Defer StringHttpMessageConverter Charset.availableCharsets() call
  • [SPR-15503] - Also clear SerializableTypeWrapper when ResolvableType cache is cleared
  • [SPR-15504] - UriComponentsBuilder's fromHttpRequest uses server port as host port when handling the Forwarded header
  • [SPR-15537] - Increase log level in ExceptionWebSocketHandlerDecorator
  • [SPR-15553] - Inefficient use of keySet operators in messaging classes
  • [SPR-15602] - Optimize DefaultUserDestinationResolver.resolveDestination()
  • [SPR-15610] - ForwardedHeaderFilter should provide option to "remove" forwarded headers without using them


  • [SPR-15510] - Common root cause introspection algorithm in NestedExceptionUtils

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