Release Notes - Spring Framework - Version 4.3.10 - HTML format


  • [SPR-15672] - SimpleRequestExpectationManager fails with sequential calls with different count
  • [SPR-15678] - @EventListener's 'condition' doesn't work as expected with proxied beans
  • [SPR-15706] - Netty4ClientHttpRequest does not include port along with host
  • [SPR-15709] - WebAsyncManager is not compatible with the crosscontext mode
  • [SPR-15722] - Memory Leak due to not pruning factoryBeanObjectCache when closing the ApplicationContext
  • [SPR-15738] - JMS Integration with Tibco causes deadlock while using DefaultMessageListenerContainer
  • [SPR-15746] - JSP tags doesn't pick up JSTL-defined time zone at page level
  • [SPR-15753] - MockMvc duplicates PUT Parameter value
  • [SPR-15757] - ReflectionTestUtils accidentally requires spring-aop on the classpath
  • [SPR-15760] - AbstractJackson2HttpMessageConverter throws exception if log level is ERROR
  • [SPR-15766] - ClassCastException during deserialization of ScopedObject
  • [SPR-15769] - PropertyOrFieldReference invalidly reuses cached PropertyAccessor
  • [SPR-15786] - UriUtils.extractFileExtension() does not properly handle all fragments


  • [SPR-15654] - Cleanup of duplicate semicolons in etc
  • [SPR-15732] - InstantiationAwareBeanPostProcessor method postProcessAfterInstantiation doc issue


  • [SPR-15600] - Upgrade to Objenesis 2.6 for Google App Engine Standard on Java 8 and for better JDK 9 support
  • [SPR-15604] - Cron expression validation method in CronSequenceGenerator improved
  • [SPR-15664] - Support CachingHttpAsyncClient from httpasyncclient-cache in HttpComponentsAsyncClientHttpRequestFactory
  • [SPR-15684] - Fine-tune HTTP/RMI Invoker exception handling
  • [SPR-15693] - AbstractValueAdaptingCache does not allow for flexible null value serialization
  • [SPR-15717] - ForwardedHeaderFilter should expose option for not converting relative redirects to absolute ones
  • [SPR-15752] - LinkedCaseInsensitiveMap cannot access locale from subclass
  • [SPR-15763] - CustomizableTraceInterceptor should allow INVOCATION_TIME placeholder in setExceptionMessage and make stack trace logging configurable
  • [SPR-15775] - Bean factory method collision with configuration class name gives unclear error message
  • [SPR-15779] - Ignore (Auto)Closeable for interface-based proxy decision

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