Release Notes - Spring Framework - Version 4.3.11 - HTML format


  • [SPR-14603] - Invalid WARN when returning a BeanDefinitionRegistryPostProcessor from within a @Configuration class
  • [SPR-15802] - Logs fill with broken pipe when using SockJS
  • [SPR-15807] - Follow-up: AbstractMethodError when calling validated method of MethodValidationPostProcessor is using a @Lazy validator
  • [SPR-15828] - Parameter values are null when making a PUT request
  • [SPR-15836] - spring-aspects should remain on AspectJ 1.8.9 by default (since aspectjrt 1.8.10 requires Java 7+)
  • [SPR-15838] - SimpleApplicationEventMulticaster does not deal with lambda-defined listeners when ErrorHandler is set
  • [SPR-15856] - Unable to use Hibernate Validator 4.3.2 if Bean Validation API 1.1 is on the classpath
  • [SPR-15867] - Should call getNativeResponse() instead of getNativeRequest() in FrameworkServlet
  • [SPR-15895] - SimpleAsyncTaskExecutor not respect ConcurrencyThrottleSupport.NO_CONCURRENCY limit
  • [SPR-15900] - StringIndexOutOfBoundsException from RestTemplate.doExecute IOException handler when query string is empty
  • [SPR-15916] - Error on type argument constraint validation failure
  • [SPR-15937] - StompDecoder Logs Null Session IDs for Heartbeats


  • [SPR-15863] - Token-based WebSocket Authentication Documentation Inaccuracy


  • [SPR-15825] - Consistent logging in Environment and PropertySource implementations
  • [SPR-15852] - WebAsyncManager should cancel task thread on timeout
  • [SPR-15858] - @Lazy collection of optional elements should not crash when no candidates are found


  • [SPR-15880] - Merge EhCache 3 tests into spring-context-support

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