Release Notes - Spring Framework - Version 4.3.12 - HTML format


  • [SPR-15676] - Request params Optional<List<String> and List<String> are inconsistent
  • [SPR-15918] - java.util.Optional MultipartFile[] @RequestParam argument is null in multipart/form-data POST
  • [SPR-15919] - only one MultipartFile object populated when using an java.util.Optional MutipartFile array or list @RequestParam
  • [SPR-15952] - HttpEntityMethodProcessor discards headers
  • [SPR-15962] - TaskExecutorRegistration.getTaskExecutor() overrides executor properties of a provided ThreadPoolTaskExecutor
  • [SPR-15965] - JmsMessagingTemplate is not correctly configured
  • [SPR-15976] - ChannelRegistration.setInterceptors is misnamed
  • [SPR-15978] - RestTemplate doesn't consistently tolerate unknown HTTP status codes
  • [SPR-15989] - PathMatchingResourcePatternResolver provides duplicate resources when using classpath* prefix combined with ant-style
  • [SPR-16032] - Spring EL does not allow '\0' characters
  • [SPR-16043] - sort BeanDefinitionRegistryPostProcessors added by other BeanDefinitionRegistryPostProcessors
  • [SPR-16123] - SpelExpression throws NullPointerException instead of EvaluationException for primitives


  • [SPR-15973] - Clarify @Bean return type recommendation in case of multiple interfaces
  • [SPR-16016] - Deprecate HibernateJpaSessionFactoryBean (against Hibernate 5.2)


  • [SPR-15854] - Backport s/s/m/j/o/s/m/w/ from 5.x to 4.3.x
  • [SPR-16054] - Add convenient method to construct ParameterizedTypeReference from Type


  • [SPR-15656] - Backport selected refinements from the nullability efforts in 5.0
  • [SPR-16017] - Consistent configurer access in WebMvcConfigurationSupport

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