Release Notes - Spring Framework - Version 4.3.14 - HTML format


  • [SPR-15066] - Error in RestTemplate when setting the same HTTP header through ClientHttpRequestInterceptor and HttpEntity
  • [SPR-16196] - Combining @Retryable and @Scheduled/@JmsListener doesn't work
  • [SPR-16252] - Exception when receiving Long collection in MessageMapping
  • [SPR-16255] - NPE in FunctionReference due to race condition in SpelExpression.getValue()
  • [SPR-16262] - spring-web CORS requires X-Forwarded-Port
  • [SPR-16265] - Stomp Broker Relay may ignore configured destination prefixes
  • [SPR-16267] - Embedded cglib 3.2.5 not closing input streams that read class files
  • [SPR-16278] - BeanUtils.isSimpleValueType() returns false for enums overriding a method
  • [SPR-16281] - Unnecessary file system access in SimpleMetadataReaderFactory.getMetadataReader
  • [SPR-16288] - Ambiguous mapping error when using generic interface
  • [SPR-16295] - Programmatic creation of caching proxies using CacheProxyFactoryBean does not work
  • [SPR-16304] - Access-Control-Allow-Origin header returns wrong value using SockJS
  • [SPR-16316] - Large transaction timeout value (Integer.MAX_VALUE for example) results in transaction expiring immediately after starting.
  • [SPR-16338] - @JmsListener concurrency property is ignored if DefaultJmsListenerContainerFactory#concurrency is set
  • [SPR-16353] - JMS Producers are cached even when the destination is a temporary queue causing a memory leak
  • [SPR-16364] - Null path after UriComponents.normalize() results in NullPointerException
  • [SPR-16367] - MockClientHttpResponse should not return null body
  • [SPR-16369] - TestExecutionListener class not found logged at INFO
  • [SPR-16371] - RestTemplate.ResponseEntityResponseExtractor doesn't tolerate unknown status codes
  • [SPR-16383] - EclipseLink does not log SQL parameters when using showSql


  • [SPR-15624] - Update Stomp Client Recommendation in Docs
  • [SPR-16315] - Incorrect SpEL syntax in reference documentation
  • [SPR-16405] - Upgrade to ASM 6.0 level (for CGLIB 3.2.6)


  • [SPR-16264] - Reduce access on user in SimpleBrokerMessageHandler.handleMessageInternal
  • [SPR-16275] - config.enableSimpleBroker("/topic", "/queue"); Should be config.enableSimpleBroker("/topic", "queue");
  • [SPR-16284] - Allow to inject enum with package visibility
  • [SPR-16293] - Improve performance of some string operations
  • [SPR-16356] - ComponentScanBeanDefinitionParser::parseTypeFilters should not fail on ClassNotFoundException
  • [SPR-16378] - Use ArrayList instead of LinkedList for known size

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