Release Notes - Spring Framework - Version 4.3.18 - HTML format


  • [SPR-16816] - Process cannot exit when the SchedulerFactoryBean fails to initialize
  • [SPR-16826] - Connection acquired while calling a stored procedure via JPA is not released
  • [SPR-16881] - AbstractRequestLoggingFilter.isIncludeHeaders() is accidentally public
  • [SPR-16896] - Fix faulty BeanPostProcessorChecker logs with @EnableCaching
  • [SPR-16912] - AbstractMethodMessageHandler does not rethrow Errors


  • [SPR-16446] - Document JUnit Jupiter options in Spring 4.3.x
  • [SPR-16811] - Incorrect Java Syntax in Spring Framework Documentation
  • [SPR-16849] - Confusing javadoc in YamlProcessor.setDocumentMatchers
  • [SPR-16852] - Spring MVC: @EnableScheduling needs to be redeclared for each application context
  • [SPR-16861] - Spring WebSocket: Indicate Stomp disconnect event would be executed twice
  • [SPR-16930] - Javadoc for FunctionReference mentions SpEL Lambdas
  • [SPR-16936] - @PathVariable's javadoc wrongly states it supports MultiValueMaps


  • [SPR-16798] - Deprecate JSONP support and update MappingJackson2JsonView defaults
  • [SPR-16836] - Restrict allowed HTTP methods in HiddenHttpMethodFilter
  • [SPR-16882] - ReflectivePropertyAccessor should cache sorted methods

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